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REINER® marking equipment for the automotive industry

Labeling of car parts: Label-free direct printing is faster, safer and cheaper

  • You want to mark car parts reliably and permanently?
  • The marking should be mobile and flexible?
  • You want to avoid waste and protect the environment?

Automotive: That's why our mobile printers are the ideal solution for your component marking needs

label-free marking in the automotive industry
Use the REINER jetStamp® models for permanent marking of components in the automotive industry. Important information - such as date of manufacture and batch number - is applied directly to the product. Semi-finished and finished parts can be marked individually and permanently without any labels at all. Our mobile hand printers enable a wide variety of markings to be made without the need for retooling or tool changes.

In the event of spontaneous changes, the stored print motifs can be adapted quickly and easily. In terms of both hardware and software, the mobile REINER® handheld inkjets can be quickly and easily integrated into existing production lines. Data from your system can be intuitively applied directly to your components and packaging. ERP and WMS printing are possible without any problems. The direct-to-garment printing process eliminates the need for labels, saving you acquisition, handling and disposal costs for mostly silicone-based labels.
At the same time, you create less waste in your manufacturing processes and protect the environment. Since REINER® jeStamp models are always at hand, there is no need to run to stationary label printers, saving valuable working time. Labeling in seconds with our handheld printers therefore saves time and money.

Continuous and variable content can also be flexibly implemented with the jetStamp® 1025, for example, without any prior knowledge. On almost all materials, the mobile REINER® handheld inkjets deliver pin-sharp results. The REINER® special ink MP remains consistent and easily legible even under adverse conditions. Especially for traceability and quality assurance of your car parts, our mobile printers are perfectly suited.

The marking solution for every need

The REINER® hand printers are versatile and intuitive to use. This means they can be integrated into your individual processes very quickly. Drivers and software are included so that you can immediately start with individual labeling. Due to their high robustness and long battery life, our mobile printers are suitable for virtually any work environment.
Our handheld printers are designed for long operating times and minimal maintenance. Even during longer breaks from work, the jetStamp® 1025 reliably prevents the ink from drying out: the innovative print head cover ensures this.

Mobile printers from REINER®: More efficiency for labeling your products

Direct printing on metal sheet bar in auto industry
Hardly any other industry is under as much pressure to improve efficiency as the automotive industry. As a result of global changes in the markets, competition is becoming ever more intense. This increases cost pressure for all companies involved in value creation. In order to be successful in spite of this, processes must be optimized and previous procedures questioned.
The REINER jetStamp® models support you directly and indirectly in reducing your costs. By using REINER printers for mobile marking of components, you reduce the effort required for product marking. At the same time, you benefit from higher marking quality. Instead of sticking labels onto your products, you print the relevant information directly onto the components. This label-free method of product marking offers numerous advantages from which you can benefit considerably, especially in the automotive sector.

More flexibility

Marking products by direct printing is more flexible, spontaneous and practical than with labels. Labels can be applied incorrectly or counted incorrectly. A stock of existing labels can suddenly become out of date. In addition, once labels have been applied, they are susceptible to damage. In this case, an employee may need to visit a stationary label printer to print out new labels. The REINER® handheld printers, on the other hand, allow spontaneous adjustment of the print motif. Interruptions to the labeling process are thus avoided.
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REINER® product solutions

The right device for almost every requirement.
We offer different inject printers depending on your needs and area of application.

Select the right marking device for you from our product variety:
To the handheld inkjet printer

Cost savings

Why print on expensive labels when you can print directly on the respective components?
By using REINER®'s mobile mini printers, you save an unnecessary cost block with the labels. In addition, you save the additional costs due to the error-proneness of labels described above. Doing without adhesive labels therefore usually goes hand in hand with considerable cost savings.


Marking metals in automotive industry
Whether batch number or CE marking: in the automotive sector, once applied, markings must hold reliably. Labels, whether made of paper or plastic, are naturally susceptible to damage from scratches. The REINER® hand printers, on the other hand, make it possible to mark products reliably and for a long time. This guarantees an orderly process across all process steps, as well as the reliable traceability of all products.

Origin marking Germany: Printing without labels and ensuring traceability

In the automotive industry, individual components from the entire supply chain must remain clearly identifiable throughout their service life. Even with the greatest care, it can happen that product defects are only detected after the product has been placed on the market. Car manufacturers and suppliers must be able to react quickly and professionally in such cases. Reliable product labeling and traceability is therefore essential.

The better the traceability of your products, the easier and faster it is to isolate affected products in the event of a recall. High expenditure of time and money can be avoided if every manufacturer along the value chain can prove which components he produced when and how. This is only possible by using unique codes that uniquely identify each part. The relevant information is stored in an associated database. A simple scan is all that is needed to immediately have all the relevant information on each component at hand.

Last but not least, reliable labeling on products protects against unjustified product lawsuits. Any counterfeits that enter the supply chain cannot cause economic or image damage if you can clearly identify original parts. Especially in the automotive industry, where brands must be protected from harmful influences at all costs, effective marking solutions are an important investment in greater security.

Direct printing convinces with reliability

Direct marking of automotive parts
When labeling your car parts, it is not only important that the marking is error-free, unambiguous and without gaps. It is also important that markings, once applied, remain permanently legible.
While there is a risk of labels peeling off, REINER®'s special inks impress with their high robustness and durability. The handheld inkjet printers from REINER® are therefore the ideal tool for directly marking car parts with codes. Lot, batch or serial numbers can be applied particularly easily.
These can be printed with the REINER® printers both in clear text and in the form of a barcode or QR code with the jetStamp® 1025, for example. No matter on which materials you want to print: the REINER® hand printers support you in your individual project.

Flexible: Print on product or packaging as needed

REINER® inkjets can be used to mark both products themselves and outer packaging. Instead of keeping different labels in stock for different needs, you can adapt the print motif to the respective situation in no time at all with our hand printers. Even difficult substrates are usually easy to print on. This makes work much easier for your employees, which ultimately results in time and cost savings.

Printing on the product

Whether metal, plastic, glass, wood, pipes, wires or cables: With the REINER® hand printers you can apply markings reliably and permanently to almost any surface. Even curved surfaces are no problem. Car tire marking, car window marking or turn signal marking is quick and easy to do. Your individual car parts can be marked directly after production. Any delays due to missing or faulty labels are eliminated.
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REINER® MarkingPartner in your area

Are you looking for an authorized dealer near you? Simply enter your country and postal code and the nearest marking partners will be displayed, like AUTOMATED MARKING INC. in the USA.

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Printing on packaging

Apply codes directly to packaging
The marking of outer packaging is carried out reliably and flexibly with our mobile hand printers. Individual packaging (primary packaging), storage units (secondary packaging) and transport packaging (tertiary packaging) can be labeled reliably and flexibly with REINER® inkjets. From the shipping address to machine-readable codes, you can apply all the necessary information to your packages with our jetStamp® 1025 mini printer, for example.

Respect for the environment: automotive industry relies on label-free direct printing

Direct printing on products in automotive industry
Everywhere in industry, awareness of environmental protection is growing. Perhaps you, too, are wondering how you can reduce the ecological footprint of your production. In the automotive industry in particular, the environment and climate are increasingly an issue. A rethink is required from carmakers and suppliers, not least because consumers are demanding it. Easier said than done, after all, a switch to climate-friendly processes often involves high costs. Sometimes, however, it can be quite simple to sustainably reduce one's emissions.

A big step towards greater sustainability can already be taken by switching from labeling to direct printing. Labels generate large amounts of waste, which is hardly if at all recyclable due to the silicone-based carrier material. With the mobile REINER® handheld inkjets, you make yourself permanently independent of labels. Our handheld printers are a far more environmentally friendly way to apply batch numbers, codes and CE markings to auto parts. By relying on direct printing to mark your auto parts, you make your packaging and processes more environmentally friendly and save money in the process.

Can REINER® marking techniques be used at any workplace?

Data transmission via ERP system
The mobile REINER® marking devices are equipped with high-quality rechargeable batteries and can therefore be used at any workplace. A power supply at the place of use is not necessary. The handy marking devices convince with a robust and high-quality workmanship and therefore enable maximum efficiency, top quality and a long service life.

The most common stamp impressions are already pre-installed in the jetStamp® 990 mobile marking device, so you can get started quickly and easily. Individual stamp impressions can be created in advance using the supplied software and permanently stored in the portable marking device.
With the portable marking devices jetStamp® 1025, jetStamp® graphic 970 or REINER® 940, data can be transferred via Word, Excel, ERP system, label software or via the supplied PCset graphic software. These devices also have graphics capability and are therefore suitable for high-quality printing of barcodes or data matrix codes. The handling of the devices is very simple and can also be passed on to other persons without extensive training.

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