Reliable quality

Our products are built in compliance with the highest quality standards to provide customers with high-quality, very durable solutions for everyday use.

REINER®’s claim to producing the highest quality brings about the perfect products, happy customers, and proud employees. This would not be possible without seamless interlocking of individual work areas. The REINER® quality system has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2001 to ensure this on a permanent basis.

Traceable and documented processes in production and administration, an optimally equipped laboratory for all relevant tests, and precise control of all processes culminate in consistently high manufacturing quality and the best product quality imaginable. Our employees are passionate about ensuring zero-defect production processes and best results, enabling REINER® to run all process steps in-house and to ensure best quality throughout all production phases.

Competent contacts and our entire network are also available to every customer from drawing up of the quotation to production and eventually the final product. In the end, our customers receive the very best products, reliably meeting their intended purpose. They can even be reproduced at any time.

REINER® – Certified product quality “Made in Germany”.

You can find the current DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate here

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