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HistoryPassion since 1913
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REINER® History - More than 100 years of experience

Passion for our products since 1913

REINER® - based in Furtwangen in the Black Forest, family business with 110 years of history, globally networked employer for more than 200 highly qualified employees. A fascinating success story - "Made in Germany".

Ernst REINER® was an inventor and visionary with the courage to found his own company as a handicraft business in the field of precision mechanics in 1913. After only a few years, he began the core business that is still successful today: the development and manufacture of hand stamps.

After the end of the war decades, the development of the medium-sized company picks up speed rapidly, supported by increasing technological progress: In 1950, the first electric stamps are manufactured, followed 20 years later by the entry into the field of OCR printers for banks, which at the same time is the starting signal for the continuous introduction of electronics.

As a result, REINER® has been able to develop steadily and expand its market position not only in the German market, but worldwide. In addition to the high-quality stamps, the newly developed marking devices and precision parts at the highest level of quality contributed to this. Thus, the family-owned company was able to quickly make a name for itself internationally - with highly qualified employees and without losing its roots in the Black Forest.

Milestones - the road to success, step by step

Inventiveness and courage created a company for generations that is still family-owned today.


1913   Company founded by Ernst REINER®


1919   Production of hand stamps hand stamps - construction of the first numbering machine


1950   Production of Electric stamps


1960   Strong growth in numbering machines and special printing units


1970   First OCR - Printer for German banking system


1981   Entry into electronics (electronic special printers for banks)

1983   Takeover of Horray Company


1996   A range of Smart Card Readers was developed as a base for REINER® SCT Company

1996   REINER® buys IP-Systeme, a specialist in software for banks

1998   REINER® enters the cheque scanner business


2000   Presentation of handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® 790

2001   ISO 9001-2000 CERTIFICATE for REINER®

2004   First self-service scanner is introduced, the RS891 single document scanner for self-service machines

2006   Speed-i-Jet 798, the mobile "pen printer" is presented on the market

2007   The first step on the way to becoming a "lean company" was achieved with the TPM Award in bronze

2007   Expansion of the self-service scanner product range, the RS893 scanner for document batches with "feeder".

2008   International scanner distribution is established

2009   REINER® presents built-in scanner with roller stamp


2011   Entry into the labelling market with the handheld inkjet printer REINER® 940

2011   UV image option added to self-service scanner - more security features

2012   Further development of the RS 893 built-in scanning module around the "fast-track" API for faster processing

2013   Supplement to the graphic-capable marking devices jetStamp® graphic 970 - allows precise marking

2013   Development of lockable cassettes of stacking shelves for scan modules

2014   Extension of the handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® graphic 970 & handheld marking unit REINER® 940 software for continuous barcodes

2015   Quick drying ink allows printing on smooth surfaces such as glass or plastic

2016   Development of a UV ink for forgery-proof marking

2017   Expansion of the ink portfolio to include yellow ink for dark surfaces

2018   Market launch of the self-service multi-format scanner RS980 - the document scanner for revision-safe archiving

2018   Product launch of the handheld jetStamp® 1025 marking device - precise, larger imprints, mobile and graphic-capable

2019   Development of the new RA 1010 multi-cassette system - scanning and storage in just a few steps


2020    Development of accessories Positioning aid, ink tray, protective cover, temperature measurement with senseAPP, stainless steel stencil for marking devices - little helpers for users

2020   New addition to the successful marking equipment family with jetStamp® 990 - easy marking even on small, flat or curved surfaces

2021   Development of accessories Automatic printing station, swiveling device holder for marking devices

2021    Expansion of MIM production through additional and larger furnace capacities Sintering/Debinding

2021   New jetStamp® 1025 sense - measuring and documenting with just one device

REINER® - with experience into the future