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ATM scannerHigh quality. Reliable.
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ATM scanners - From professionals for professionals

Secure capture - scanner and scan installation modules.

REINER® is the market leader of high quality and reliable built-in scanning modules installed in self-service kiosks and ATMs. Our mission is to deliver robust and durable products combined with excellent support and service to ensure the success of our integrators and their customers. Our built-in scanning modules are used by major banks around the world.
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Scanner Gruppe 380x240.jpgScan modules for self-service kiosks

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Scanners of the company REINER®

REINER®'s scanning systems efficiently process all documents in your company, thus reducing costs and increasing productivity. For this purpose, you will find counter scanners, single document scanners, scanners for batch operation, built-in scanner modules, scan feeders, filing systems for document storage, reject trays and self-service devices such as the GiroScanBox in our scanner range.

Switch scanners

With our switch scanners you scan in record time. The high speed at which the documents are transported through the machine reduces processing time and allows staff to work more efficiently. The receipt passes through a straight run, allowing it to pass unimpeded under the scanner for optimal data capture. This innovation results in a previously unattained level of operational stability. Depending on the application, we recommend single document scanners or scanners for batch operation. The single-document scanners are small, compact and very reliable, making them ideal for counter applications. They save space in the counter area and ensure that the payment transaction document capture process runs quickly and smoothly. The batch scanners are also ideal for use as counter scanners and are used for fast and direct processing of receipts such as payment orders, prescriptions or laboratory receipts.

REINER® document processing and scanning systems

REINER®'s document processing systems and scanning systems are suitable for processing receipts, bank transfers, tickets, ID cards, prescriptions, laboratory vouchers and even credit cards or ID cards.
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Advantages at a glance

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Made in Germany

One of the few manufacturers that produces all product lines "Made in Germany" is REINER®.
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Everything from one source

From design to toolmaking of fine blanking dies and forming tools to all relevant manufacturing processes.

The REINER® quality system has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2001.

Over 100 years of experience

At the company's headquarters in Furtwangen, innovative products have been created with Black Forest precision for over 100 years that are in demand worldwide.

GiroScanBox is the ideal self-service solution for transfer transactions in the lobby area

Our self-service machines serve as electronic mailboxes for the acceptance of transfer orders and payment slips by the customer in self-service. These have the advantage that no employee is needed and the customer is not bound to opening hours.