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Constant printers and personalisation unitsFAST. RELIABLE.
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OCR Printer

Optimised processing - constant printers and personalisation devices.

Coded and personalised pre-printed forms direct payment flows to your own institution and optimise machine processing. REINER®'s constant printers and personalisation devices make customer-friendly services efficient and as individual as possible. Especially in times of interchangeable products and services, customers can be more loyal to a bank by personalising forms.
Konstantendrucker.jpgConstant Printers

Fully automatic machine with OCR character set for printing cheques and remittance slips

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REINER Personalisierungsgerät 357 - product illustration  Personalisation Units

Compact printer for continuous forms of all common payment transaction forms.

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Software Becost.jpgSoftware BECOST

The specially developed BECOST software controls the functions of the personalisation devices.

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REINER Farbbaender SortimentOCR Printer Accessories

Ribbon cassettes

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