Precision parts manufacturing from the high-tech region of the Black ForestREINER Precision Technology

In the production of precision parts, REINER precision technology offers tailor-made solutions at the highest quality level – Made in Germany.
For the production of your individual precision parts we have a wide range of manufacturing technologies with modern our Furtwangen headquarters – in the heart of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

REINER contract manufacturing covers all relevant manufacturing processes for zinc die casting, injection moulding, metal injection moulding (MIM), fine blanking and forming, from design and tool making to the manufacturing of fine blanking tools and forming tools.

With the most diverse test procedures in quality management, we ensure compliance with the required quality features for every precision part manufactured.

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Zinc Die-Casting

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The optimal alternative for aluminium die-casting

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Metal Injection Molding

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Complex precision parts without machining

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Fineblanking / forming

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REINER precision cutting with forming technology

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Assembly services

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Assembly services - simplifies logistics and increases quality

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Fineblanking and moulding tools

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Innovative Tool Construction – Competence from One Source

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Application Note Nr. 1 - MIM procedure

Application Note Nr. 1 - MIM procedure

Producing cost-efficient precision parts with complex geometries

Video: REINER Precision Technology

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Precision technology from the Black Forest with a special quality promise

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EXTRACT Precision Technology

EXTRACT Precision Technology

Our Core Competencies at a Glance - REINER Precision Technology

What further processing and surface treatment is possible?

This service portfolio is supplemented by state-of-the-art CNC machining centres for the machining of precision parts. This includes turning, milling, drilling, grinding, reaming and thread cutting. Of course, we also undertake downstream processes such as heat treatment, hot isostatic pressing (HIP) and surface treatments.

We use joining techniques such as TIG welding, resistance spot welding, soldering and assembly . Other methods, such as laser welding is carried out by qualified partners.

What are the advantages of professional component assembly?

Many customers benefit from our full-service competence and quality management in the assembly of ready-to-install assemblies. The outsourcing of component production simplifies logistics and increases quality in the production process. Concentrate on your core competence and take advantage of costs and competitive advantages by streamlining your own production lines.

We are specialised in small series production up to medium series production, and that at an optimal cost-benefit ratio. Our outstanding specialists manufacture for you professionally and under the most modern production conditions. Thanks to our many years of experience and comprehensive know-how in design and precision parts manufacturing, we can serve a wide range of industries: Our customer portfolio ranges from mechanical engineering and medical technology to electronics manufacturers. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop and manufacture individual precision technology solutions. Benefit from our full service potential and our profound quality thinking.

What distinguishes REINER from other companies in precision parts contract manufacturing?

Ernst REINER GmbH & Co.KG in Baden-Wuerttemberg is itself a manufacturer of precision mechanical products and has always relied on its own in-house tool production and parts manufacturing facilities. At our company not only theory and knowledge of tool making meet demanding daily production practice. The manufactured precision parts also have to prove themselves in the end product and the market gives direct feedback on the quality and precision of the manufactured products.

We live the entire value chain of product success, from the idea to each individual part to marketing. This characterises our thinking and acting in the overall context and forms a unique service portfolio from which our customers in all industries profit, even in the tiniest precision part of contract manufacturing. Our own claim to the highest quality is not only based on industry standards for a production part, but is always carried out with a view to your product success. Perhaps our precision part is only one of a hundred in your product. But you can rely more than 100% on a REINER precision part.

REINER Precision Technology – Ideas precisely put into shape