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REINER® – Quality “Made in Germany”

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Founded in Furtwangen in the Black Forest, where it is headquartered to this day, REINER® develops and produces marking devices, hand and electric stamps, precision parts, and scanners “Made in Germany”.

More than any other in the world, the distinction “Made in Germany” represents cutting-edge technology and outstanding quality. “Made in Germany” distinguishes very durable products from inferior mass-production in many industries. REINER® is one of only a few companies that manufacture their product lines “Made in Germany” exclusively. Innovative products subject to worldwide demand have been produced with Black-Forest precision for more than 110 years at the company’s headquarters in Furtwangen.

REINER® hand stamps are characterised by very durable materials and consistent quality even under high loads. Developed, produced, and assembled at the company’s headquarters, they give their users fast and safe handling along with tidy documentation. Versatile imprint options meet all requirements, making it possible to print anything from number, date, and time to free texts and various combinations.

REINER® promises “Made in Germany” for its marking devices and scanners as well. Companies from a great variety of industries and authorities from around the world use these devices made and built in Germany to ensure safe and reliable work. REINER® offers the ideal technical equipment for all requirements at the highest quality level.

REINER® also has manufactured precision-mechanical products for more than 110 years. The company relies on in-house tooling and parts manufacturing, enabling REINER® contract manufacturing to produce outstanding precision parts from design to the tool shop for fine blanking dies and forming tools, to all the relevant manufacturing processes for zinc die casting, injection moulding, metal injection moulding (MIM), and fine cutting/forming, on its cutting-edge machinery.

Our standards are always aligned with highest quality and applied with a view to the customer’s product success for all products sold by REINER®, enabling us to offer an outstanding service portfolio “Made in Germany” all around. Our customers from a wide range of industries profit from this.