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Reinventing the wheel was yesterday - improvement and innovation go hand in hand today.

REINER® has been thinking and acting innovatively since 1913. Whether in the early days of purely mechanical hand stamps or today with marking devices and scanners. Innovation is a constant companion at REINER®.
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We - the REINNO Innovation Centre - are a small team and focus on the development of new applications and products for sustainable, growing markets. The search fields go beyond the existing product portfolio, so that founders with creative ideas can also establish themselves as a new product area at REINER®.
• We have a feel for new trends and technologies.
• We question in order to understand and see problems as a challenge.
• We shape a large number of diverse ideas into a defined problem.
• We look for everyday problems in private or corporate environments that cry out for improvement.

Our mission is:
Develop a product that is better/faster/cheaper than the existing one.

We want to solve your business-bearing problem for you.

The best solutions are created in cooperation at eye level. In addition to startups, tinkerers and innovative masterminds, our offer is also aimed at customers, experts, craftsmen and SMEs.

Do you have a project or an everyday task that needs to be solved?

Get in touch with us:
Simon Scherzinger
+49 7723 657-276