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Repair and Service - Handheld inkjet printer

Repair and Service - Handheld inkjet printer, electrical stamps
New: Now with the REINER® repair flat-rate - repairs at a guaranteed fixed price.

While REINER® marking units and electrical stamps are designed for long-term use, repairs and maintenance may nevertheless become necessary. The REINER® customer service will be there for you when it happens!
It will take care of your repair order and maintenance with a fixed repair flat-rate that covers all costs for working time and material, no matter the issue of your device. You can be certain that only quality-tested genuine REINER spare parts will be used.
There are no hidden costs.

» Download Repair and service order for handheld inkjet printer and electric stamps 
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We do it! At a fixed price.

Your submitted device will be subjected to a comprehensive function test with review of all functions in great detail. The repair will include complete and professional maintenance of the unit by our specialists. After the final quality review, your device will be returned to you with a warranty of 6 months for the repair.

✆ Your Technical Service & Support, directly and competently: +49 7723 657-388

Is your company located outside the EU?
 The RMA number is necessary to correctly allocate your order and avoid additional import taxes at customs.
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Phone: + 49 7723 657-388
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What comes next?

Please download the form for the repair and service order for handheld inkjet printer and electric stamps or form for the repair and serice order for hand stamps complete it and send the printout along with the device to our customer service department. You will then receive a confirmation email stating the costs for the repair flat-rate and the delivery date.

Did you know?

REINER® offers training courses for maintenance and repair of electrical stamping units for its partners and dealers. Participants receive detailed service documents.