Accessories Industrial marking equipment

Here, you can find the matching accessories for your REINER handheld marking equipment. Please select your stamp in the following selection window for this. The corresponding accessories are displayed.

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    Movie: Print on any surface! REINER ink for all purposes!

    Print on any surface! REINER ink for all purposes!

    REINER offers through a wide range of handheld inkjet printer for any imprint process the suitable ink cartridge.

    Thanks to the marking technology of REINER there is the possibility to print also on non-absorbent material as metal and plastic. For this we offer you jetStamp graphic 970. The MP ink is designed especially for printing on such material such as it is quick drying and adheres on the material directly after printing on it. If there should be printed also on glass it’s also possible with the MP4 ink.

    Thanks to the wide range of inks it is also possible to print on absorbent material with the ink cartridge P3-S. Imprints with higher security requirements can be printed without any problems with our quick drying invisible UV ink. The imprint is only visible under a UV lamp.

    The speed-i-Jet 798 permits fast and easy printing and is suitable for all absorbent materials thanks to the standard ink. By means of the wide range of different inks our marking solutions are applicable, versatile and simplify the working process in your company.

    REINER – Quality for your success