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Indicator of print position

for consistent imprints on small or curved objects

Positonierhilfe Schaumstoff.jpg
The positioning aid consists of a pre-punched sheet with 20 foam elements in various sizes and shapes. Its back is self-adhesive so that the respective foam element can be attached quickly and securely to the base plate of the marking device. For use, simply remove the elements required for a frame that matches the object. The reproducible placement is now complete. Then position and mark the object.

The positioning aid is ideal, among other things, for ensuring consistent pressure on round objects, such as the top or bottom of bottles, jars or Petri dishes. It is also ideal for printing along the apex of curved objects such as tubes, bars, cylindrical packaging or cables.

Small accessories with great effect - the REINER® positioning aid.

Benefits at a glance:

  • 20 foam elements in different sizes and shapes
  • Self-adhesive back
  • Good and quick fastening
  • Suitable for central printing on round objects
  • Suitable for printing on curved objects
  • Pressure in free fields
  • Reproducible placement

Technical Data

Dimensions:235x150x10 mm
Order-No.:1037 210-000


REINER BBD PC 1037 219 000 A Web00
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What is the positioning aid for?
Small or curved parts can be printed at the exact same place. The positioning aid is ideal for series production, i.e. when several identical parts have to be marked. A reproduction of the imprint is therefore possible.
For which devices is the positioning aid suitable?
The positioning aid is suitable for all REINER® marking devices with a base plate, such as jetStamp® 1025, jetStamp® graphic 970, jetStamp® 990 as well as the jetStamp® 790/791/792.
How can I ensure that an imprint is always printed in the same position?
The positioning aids are attached to the base plate in such a way that a constant printing position is guaranteed. The foam remains in position after application.
For which objects is the positioning aid particularly suitable?
The positioning aids are suitable for a wide range of objects and materials, such as containers, packaging, cardboard, pipes, glasses or lids.

They enable a reproducible impression to be made in the same place at all times, as quickly and easily as possible.
How many parts and forms does the positioning aid consist of?
An arch consists of twenty differently designed foam parts.
Thanks to seven different sizes and shapes, the matching elements can be taken out of the sheet, cut to size and glued on as required.
The reverse side consists of a double-sided adhesive, which provides a firm hold. After use, the foam elements can be easily detached from the base plate of the device and can therefore be reused.