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Accu AA

High-performance. Very durable. Long-lived.

Akku 300dpi
REINER®’s mobile marking devices are battery-operated to permit use wherever they are needed.
REINER® recommends using high-performance ReCyko+ PRO 4 accus in order to meet REINER®’s quality standards in terms of function and service life since only these accus have been tested in combination with REINER® mobile inkjet printers and proved their amazing durability even when subject to challenging conditions.

The powerful rechargeable NiMH accus of the ReCyko+ series with a capacity of 2,000 mAh each are ideal for permanent use in REINER® marking devices. The accus permit smooth, uninterrupted marking in everyday work. Rapid recharging is possible, e.g. overnight or during breaks, maintaining exceptional performance even after many charging cycles to ensure best results on a permanent basis without compromising handling.

Rechargeable ReCyko+ PRO 4 accus for REINER® marking devices are recommended by REINER® and appreciated by customers in mobile use.

Technical Data

Capacity2000 mAh
Voltage1.2 V
Battery typeNiMH
Order-No.:946 192-000