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Automatic printing station

Marking documents simply, quickly, and consistently

Halterung jetStamp 990 03.jpg
The automatic printing station for the jetStamp® 990 permits easy printing of documents up to two millimetres thick.

At dimensions of approx. 123 x 127 x 117 mm (W x H x D) it can be placed in almost any location, to be used right at the workplace as well as in material provision or in handling of incoming mail. Installation on the wall or other vertical surfaces will not restrict use.

The marking process is intuitive: A document is inserted and can be positioned precisely with the help of a viewing window. When the stop is reached, the jetStamp® 990 is automatically activated to apply the smear-resistant imprint, always in the same location and in very high quality. No matter the format, the print always ends up six millimetres inwards from the edge.

Simply practical – the automatic printing station for the REINER jetStamp® 990.

Overview of the special features:

  • Easy marking of documents
  • Automatic trigger
  • Easy control
  • Can be used virtually anywhere

Technical Data

Dimensions:123x127x117 mm
Order-No.:796 205-100