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Indicator of printing position Slide-in

Indicator of printing position Slide-in

Positionierhilfe 990 03 quadrat
The positioning aid for the jetStamp® 990 mobile inkjet printer allows precise print images to be produced on small and curved surfaces. In this way, date, time, texts or numbers can be printed on one or two lines on a wide variety of objects.

The positioning aid is very easy to use: Slide it onto the device and the printing process can begin - flexible and mobile. Thanks to an integrated foam, the material to be printed is protected during the printing process. This means that even fragile items, such as glass ampoules, can be safely marked.

Among other things, the positioning aid is ideal for consistent printing on round objects, such as the lids or bottoms of bottles, jars or Petri dishes. Likewise for printing along the apex on curved objects for tubes, bar stock, cylindrical packaging or cables.

Small accessories with a big effect - the REINER® positioning aid.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Good and fast fastening
  • Suitable for printing on curved objects
  • Reproducible placement
  • Integrated foam protects the printed object

Technical Data

Dimensions:121 x 73 x 12 mm
Order-No.:794 030-100