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Fineblanking and moulding toolsCompetence from a single source
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REINER® tool construction from the Black Forest

Precision punching tools and forming tools for precision parts from the German cradle of precision mechanics

Do you know what the finest and most precise metal parts in everyday products were 200 years ago? They were gears, axles, armatures and many other pieces that could be found in the German clocks of the administrations and the bourgeoisie. In 1850, the government in Karlsruhe founded the first German clockmakers' school – in the home of the cuckoo clock, in Furtwangen in the Black Forest, of course. It was a growth market even then.

REINER®'s employees bring the spirit, as well as the pride in craftsmanship and know-how from this history of precision mechanics to the factory halls of Baumannstraße 16 at the headquarters in Furtwangen every day even in 2018. They don't produce clocks, but develop and manufacture highly precise and reliable handheld stamps, electrical stamps and – in the digitalisation era of the 21st century – an increasing number of digitally-mechanical solutions for marking units and document scanners.

REINER® produces precision-mechanics products in-house and has always trusted in its own tool manufacture for precision punching and forming tools. In this company, theory and know-how of tool construction are put to a hard daily test in the manufacture of parts with direct influence on the quality and precision of the resulting tools.

REINER® precision technology – precisely shaped ideas

Competence overview

DimensionsFor parts with a tool clamping surface of up to 400 x 700 mm (depending on the parts volume)
MaterialsREINER® chooses the optimal material composition depending on customer needs or options
CAD/CAM designCreo Elements Software – Direct Modelling
Methods/processes• Sink erosion: graphite electrodes (rarely/as required: copper electrodes)
• Wire erosion: wire thickness 0.25 mm, preferably used for cutting tools
• Flat polishing, round polishing, profile polishing, coordinate polishing
• Machining processing (turning & milling)
• State-of-the-art milling centres, up to 5 axes
• HSC milling for processing of the electrodes
• State-of-the-art CNC programming technology
• Precision lathes
• Coordinate measuring technology for mould and sample measurement
Services• Contract erosion on sink and wire erosion machines
• Tool construction also based on provided designs
• Parts production on provided tools
• Standard wire 0.25 mm, alternatively 0.15 mm
• Sink electrodes mostly graphite, exception: copper
• Milled internally on HSC
Advantages of REINER®• Fully equipped tool construction for re-forming tools, moulding and cutting tools
• Dedicated tool design with CAD & CAM
• State-of-the-art CNC machining centres for complete/final processing
•All processes except for hardening take place in-house
• Repair & maintenance of the tools take place in-house
• Fire-safe tool storage
• Tool assembly takes place in-house
Special know-howThe focus is on small/technical parts

Tool construction – What makes design and development at REINER® special?

Fine punching REINER
Decades of experience in the industrial production of precision parts are reflected in the CAD & CAM technology used by REINER®. Customers for our job order processing offers profit from production-oriented consultation and individual solution suggestions. Special technical drawings or 3D models are produced on state-of-the-art CAD workstations for production of tools and devices.

Optionally, REINER® also produces tools based on the customers' designs in its known and valued quality. Meeting the customers' specific wishes, REINER® takes the roles of consultant, solution partner, constructor and tool maker up to productive parts production and assembly installation.

Customers value this 360-degree all-round-view of the requirements of an efficient industrial production, since REINER® thinks and consults on an equal footing. Our customers profit of our rich experience developed from daily production at REINER® with all of its pitfalls, problems, learning processes and innovations.

Why is REINER® a specialist for moulding and punching tools?

Toolmaking fine blanking and molding tools
The specialist in design and development of precision punching and moulding tools, devices, the right machine pool and the great commitment of our employees are vital for the high and consistent quality of our tools. REINER® has mastered these qualifications for its own production processes in production of precision-mechanical hand-held stamps and electrical  stamps.
Customers who charge REINER® as a processor and service provider therefore profit of a particularly great depth of process comprehension and quality awareness. We offer passionate tool construction and think out of the box – it's all "Made in Germany" after all.

All steps of tool assembly, tool repair and tool maintenance take place in-house. REINER® only outsources the hardening process to its highly specialised long-term partners.

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What services does REINER® offer in tool construction for injection-moulded parts?

Every tool (e.g. for Metal Injection Moulding MIM) that REINER® produces on the order of customers meets high demands and is made with the experience from our in-house serial production: We offer rational processing, experienced assembly and strictest quality control for tools and workpieces on the highest level. Production takes place in a fully equipped tool construction workshop for forming tools and cutting tools.

Our full service includes:
  • Tool design with CAD & CAM
  • Sink erosion with graphite electrodes (if necessary with copper electrodes)
  • Wire erosion with a wire thickness of 0.25 mm (alternatively 0.15 mm)
  • Flat grinding, round grinding, profile grinding, coordinate grinding
  • Machining and milling (chip removal) with state-of-the-art milling centres with up to 5 axes
  • HSC milling for processing of electrodes
  • CNC programming and state-of-the-art precision lathes
  • Coordinate measuring technology for mould and sample measurements
  • Tool repair, maintenance and servicing
  • Fire-proof tool storage
Toolmaking Stamping tools Die casting tools
We produce tools, prototypes, pilot and serial parts, which makes us your competent contact for any tasks of job order tool production throughout Germany. Finding optimal and economically efficient solutions, translating them into optimal production processes and achieving best customer satisfaction with sophisticated quality assurance is the daily motivation of our specialist employees.

What does tool construction mean for quality and parts production?

REINER fine blanking mold making
The manner of tool construction, as well as the material composition, have an elementary influence on the production process based on this. They decide about the precision of each serial part, cost-efficient and rational parts production, and not least the reliability of the tool in the value-added chain. REINER®'s customers can fully rely on their punching tools, die-casting tools or injection moulding tools "Made in Germany" from the Black Forest.

The tools will remain in the professional hands of the REINER® employees if repairs or maintenance is required as well. Maintenance takes place in-house.
The fire-proof tool storage completes REINER®'s full service in tool and mould construction.

REINER® tool construction – Quality from the heart of Baden-Württemberg

Toolmaking Black Forest Baden Württemberg
REINER® has had its headquarters in Furtwangen in the Black Forest since 1913 and is among the market leaders for stamps in Europe, as well as for OCR print and scan systems in Germany.
Many customers in tool construction value spatial proximity to their tool manufacturer. Production companies in BW and Southern Germany, as well as in adjacent France / Alsace, Switzerland and Austria trust in REINER®'s competence in terms of tool and mould construction.
With more than 60 national and international offices, REINER is represented on all the important key markets internationally as well.

REINER® precision technology – precisely shaped ideas