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Label pallets and woodFast. Simple. Reliable.
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Label pallets and woodFast. Simple. Reliable.
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Stamping and printing pallets and wood with REINER® marking devices!

Pallets and wood - handheld printing machines for simple and flexible marking!

For wooden pallets treated according to the international ISPM-15 standard, the IPPC stamp must be applied. With the REINER® battery handheld inkjet printer, this works quickly and easily: Hold the wood printer in the prescribed position and print the IPPC print directly onto the wood using inkjet technology. There you go!

This allows almost all wood products to be individually marked. Either for shipping, to keep track of the situation and traceability, or later for the finished piece of furniture, to provide the customer with further information about production and any accessories that may be available for purchase.

Expensive wooden floors can also be marked with our wood printer machines so that the quality can also be guaranteed on site during installation and counterfeits can be detected more quickly.

Already in the forest felled tree trunks can be marked. So the collector and the sawmill know which wood comes from which forest and from which owner. With the tree trunk marking and the following wood marking the complete background can be reconstructed from the tree to the wood floor or to the wood furniture.

Can the IPPC marking be stamped or printed on pallets?

Mobile printing on wood
Yes, REINER® has developed special handheld inkjet printer such as the jetStamp® 1025, so that the marking can be printed directly on the pallet without cables and without a fixed workstation. A special IPPC template is not required. The stamp imprint can be created directly in the supplied software or already preset by REINER®.

The prerequisites for the IPPC markings must of course be fulfilled by you in advance. Only pallets which comply with the strict IPPC regulations or the IPPC standard ISPM 15 may be marked with the corresponding IPPC print.
Further information can be obtained from the Bavarian State Institute for Agriculture (LfL for short) [Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft], among others:
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REINER® product solutions

The right device for almost every requirement.
We offer different inject printers depending on your needs and area of application.

Select the right marking device for you from our product variety:
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How to mark logs meaningful?

Handheld inkjet printer on pallets
Until now, logs have mostly been marked with paint cans. However, this always leads to misunderstandings when picking up wood and the wrong tree trunks are loaded by the neighbour. It is easier and safer if the log is printed with a barcode or serial number and the felling date.

This is easily possible with the handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® 1025 or jetStamp® graphic 970 from REINER®. The collector only has to compare the serial number with the collection slip and can then load the correct tree trunks. He can also apply the pick-up directly to the tree trunk on site with a mobile REINER print-on-wood-machine . So the way of the wood can also be traced here uncomplicatedly and directly.

How can wooden plates, boards, beams or panels be marked?

Handheld printer on wood
When you visit a DIY store, you can quickly see that product markings are often made with labels. However, most of the processed wood is stored outdoors, which quickly leads to labels softening and becoming illegible. Labels can also easily get lost during transport.

How to print on wood with an inkjet printer?

A more reliable method is to mark the wooden plates, boards, beams or panels directly with a stamp. This can be done directly in the sawmill or joinery with the high-quality REINER® hand-held printer, such as the handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® 1025, jetStamp® graphic 970 or REINER® 940. Traceability is particularly important in the case of expensive wood species or especially in times of the ecological timber industry.

The imprint, which is applied directly to the wood with the appropriate REINER® handheld printer, is also suitable here.
By the way, the REINER® handheld printer can also be used to print directly on cardboard or foil outer packaging! An extra fast drying ink was developed for this purpose. Simply hold the device to the product, press the button and the packaging is marked.

How can wooden floors or tiles be marked?

Hand-held printer for wood
Especially with expensive wooden floors and tiles, traceability and protection against counterfeiting are important. The customer wants to make sure that he receives the branded wooden floor he ordered from the dealer and not a cheap counterfeit.

The dealer can mark the parts at the appropriate place with the REINER® handheld wood printing machine. With the help of UV ink, the print is even invisible to the human eye. The UV ink is available for the hand-held printer REINER® 940 and handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® graphic 970.

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Are you looking for an authorized dealer near you? Simply enter your country and postal code and the nearest marking partners will be displayed, like AUTOMATED MARKING INC. in the USA.

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How can wooden furniture be printed and labelled?

Handheld inkjet printing on pallets
For wooden furniture it may also be necessary to store certain labels or QR codes for service websites with assembly instructions and spare parts and accessories ordering options.

If this is done in the conventional way via operating instructions or labels, there is a high risk that these will be removed and disposed of by the customer. The clever alternative is instead to print your QR code including your service address with a REINER® handheld battery printer, e.g. with the handheld printer jetStamp® 1025 in a not immediately visible area, such as the lower inner corner of a cabinet door or a sliding door.

The customer or your own service department can then identify the product and batch without any doubt even in the assembled state, in order to order accessories, view certificates or even order further cabinets of the same series or of the same design.

The imprint is done very quickly and can even be done on site by your fitters if required.

How can kitchen joineries leave their "business card" in the kitchen?

Printing on wood with mobile inkjet printer
REINER® handheld printer such as the handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® 1025, hand-held inkjet printer jetStamp® graphic 970 or portable inkjet printer REINER® 940 are virtually predestined for this task. Once the kitchen has been set up, the "business card" can be printed directly onto the finished kitchen component at the desired concealed location.

Neither a PC nor a smartphone and not even a power connection is required. The benefits are obvious as soon as the kitchen owner wants to have parts replaced or wants to buy additional appliances and kitchen furniture. He doesn't have to search for your address or telephone number first and then runs less risk of choosing a competitor from you.
With this little trick you can bind your customers to you much more efficiently - and all this because the REINER® handheld printer gives you the opportunity to print your business card - like a "tattoo" directly on the piece of furniture.

Can REINER® marking techniques be used in joineries, sawmills or on site?

Handheld inkjet printer made in Germany
The REINER® handheld printer have a high-quality rechargeable battery and can therefore also be used on site without sufficient power supply. Due to the robust and high quality workmanship print heads are well protected against dust and can therefore also be used in sawmills and joineries without any problems.

If special stamp impressions are required, these can be created in advance using the supplied software and permanently stored in the portable inkjet printer. In the electronic stamp jetStamp® 990 we have already pre-installed the most common stamp impressions, so that you can get started quickly and easily.

The handling of the handheld printer is very simple and can also be passed on to other persons without extensive training.

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