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Printing tubes, wires and cablesFast. Simple. Reliable.
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Printing tubes, wires and cablesFast. Simple. Reliable.
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Direct printing on cables, wires and pipes: flexible, uncomplicated and mobile

● Would you like to print directly on wires, tubes and cables without any complications?
● You are looking for a mobile and flexible marking device?
● You want to print codes, labels and individual motifs?

Cable marking printer: What are the key advantages of our mobile inkjet printers?

Made in Germany
Rely on our mobile and easy to use marking solutions "Made in Germany" for the marking of cables and pipes. Our hand printers are characterized by the highest quality in marking, while they are absolutely reliable and easy to use.
They enable marking on almost all surfaces. Even round and filigree objects such as wires can be marked quickly and easily with our hand printers. Especially helpful are our REINER® positioning aids made of foam material. Printing small parts and flexible marking has never been easier!

Our cable and wire marking printers offer the following advantages compared to conventional solutions:
● Flexible and efficient application
● Printing individual codes and images
● Water- and smudge-proof labeling
● Mobile use in any working environment
● Robust design and low ink consumption

Our inkjets for pipes, wires and cables allow you to optimize marking processes that were previously cumbersome and inefficient. Automatic code generation and consecutive numbering make working with our hand printers uncomplicated and easy for every employee. Convince yourself of the advantages of our printers: with a free demonstration or with a free test print on your product! We are also at your disposal for repair and service. Please contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns about our hand printers.

Cable printing: Why is reliable pipe and cable labeling so important?

Cable printing
Avoid confusion and upgrade to a high cable marking standard with our mobile inkjet printers. In the future, you will be able to easily mark objects that are difficult to mark, such as cables and pipes, with individual lettering. This makes it clear at first glance to whom and where a cable or product belongs. From cables with company imprints to PVC pipes, you can also print round and small objects quickly and safely with our hand printers.

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REINER® product solutions

The right device for almost every requirement.
We offer different inject printers depending on your needs and area of application.

Select the right marking device for you from our product variety:
To the handheld inkjet printer

Inkjet cable labels: mark cables

When you or your customers are laying cables, it is important to keep an overview. Our handheld inkjet printers are a great help not only in your own offices. Also at trade fairs, concerts and other major events, our mobile marking devices allow printing on cables and ensure that every single cable can be clearly assigned. With the exact cable labeling you avoid cable tangle and save time when setting up and dismantling electronic systems. In addition, you are much more flexible than if you had your cables printed externally. For example, you can print any type of cable with an individual number. Uniform individual cable printing eliminates the possibility of mix-ups and reduces the risk of theft. Extension cables with labeling are safer from being stolen than unlabeled cables.

Coding and marking pipes with printers made in Germany

The reliable marking of tubes is crucial to ensure that even complex piping systems are clearly arranged. Our handheld inkjet printers also support you in the legally required marking of pipes that transport hazardous substances. In this way, you do not have to rely on having your pipes printed externally, nor do you have to rely on unreliable labels. With our high-quality inkjet printers for pipes, you can mark pipes lengthwise and crosswise and, if required, apply logos or lettering. Small parts can be printed quickly and safely with our marking devices. We offer you the proper ink for every surface to guarantee permanent and good legibility. Printing on metal pipes and other materials has never been easier!

Printing on round objects: How do our mobile cable marking printers work?

Marking tubes without labels
If you want to print narrow and round small parts, our hand printers are the perfect solution. We offer you the right mobile printer and the right accessories for every marking task. You are not sure which model fits best to your requirements? Please contact us for a personal consultation!

jetStamp® 990: Small font size for filigree objects

Printing with the jetStamp® 990 is particularly fast and quiet. Suitable for both mobile and stationary use, the handheld printer prints on practically all levels and uneven surfaces. With one- and two-line imprints, you can apply numbers, date and text even on narrow cables.
The uncomplicated use is rounded off by the intuitive menu navigation with LCD display. Not only cables can be labeled reliably and efficiently in this way. With our inkjet wire marking machines, even printing on thin wire is no issue.

jetStamp® 1025: Large font size for wide objects

The jetStamp® 1025 is designed to print BIG. Print heights up to 25 mm (1") are possible with this model. It is just as handy and suitable for mobile use as our other printers. One of the reasons for this is the particularly ergonomic handling thanks to multiple release. With only one print cartridge, the jetStamp® 1025 offers a variety of printing possibilities. Continuous 1-D and 2-D barcodes are just as much a part of the print spectrum as date, texts and your own graphics. The integrated display and the included PC software make using the mobile printer child's play.

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Color: The right ink for every need

Different types of ink may be required depending on the media you want to print on. With us, you will find a variety of print cartridges for every application. For example, use yellow ink to mark black cables or use our special UV ink for particularly inconspicuous marking.

Positioning aid: The simple solution for filigree printing tasks

With our special positioning aids, individual marking is child's play and quick and easy. The self-adhesive foam strips can be attached to the base plate of the marking device. Simply place the object to be printed in the desired orientation on the foam mould and apply the respective marking to it using the inkjet printer for wire and cable - that's it. Each positioning aid has a prefabricated grid for different object diameters. This makes it a great help for printing round and narrow parts.

Flexible: Why does it make sense to mark tubes and cables with direct printing?

Direct printing on tubes
Anyone who has experience with marking by means of labels knows that this form of marking is associated with numerous difficulties. On the one hand, labels must be printed in advance, which means that subsequent changes involve additional costs and considerable delays. In addition, under adverse conditions, labels offer only unreliable hold on the marked objects. Moisture, dirt and friction can quickly render them illegible or destroy them. Especially for narrow parts such as cables, pipes and wires, individual labeling by hand is also costly and inefficient.

Printing cables: inkjet printer as optimal solution

Our handheld inkjet printers are a sensible alternative to labels, as they allow flexible marking without their disadvantages. You can easily change the print image between individual objects, whereby different variants can be stored in the device. The ink used is characterized by strong hold on the most diverse surfaces. Once applied, markings remain permanent and clearly visible.

Cable labeling with printer: What do you have to consider when printing cables directly?

There are different specifications for the marking of electrical cables. Basically, type abbreviations of cables contain information about the design and intended use. These vary, among other things, depending on the standard used1. Our hand printers are excellently suited for marking cables individually and in accordance with standards directly after cutting them. The corresponding programming of the printers is as quick as it is easy.

Standard EN 50575 and cables CE marking: Standard for Germany and Europe

Since 2017, the EN 50575 standard has regulated the fire classification and test methods for cables installed in buildings. It is intended to ensure the long-term safety of people, goods and the environment. Affected by this standard are control and communication cables, power cables and lines as well as fiber optic cables2. For reliable and durable cable marking, rely on our mobile inkjet printers. Our hand-held printers easily meet the high requirements for legally compliant marking. Our printers are also ideally suited for CE marking of cables.

UL/CSA: Cable Standards for the USA and Canada

The organization "Underwriters Laboratories (UL)" is based in the United States and tests products for their safety3. The CSA Group is a standards organization based in Canada4. With our hand printers, you can apply the appropriate certification marks efficiently and pin sharp on your respective cables and wires. If the requirements of the respective organizations are met, our printers make this visible at first glance - permanently and waterproof.

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