Create barcodes and texts in Word and print them directly: With the REINER® hand printers

● You want to create codes / texts / individual motifs in Word and transfer them directly to your
Print products?
● Are you looking for a mobile and flexible option for direct printing without labels?
● You would like to save time and spare your nerves with product marking?

Direct printing from Word: Only possible with our mobile marking solutions

Direct printing from Word with the mobile marking devices

Anbindung an Kennzeichnungssysteme

Barcode in Word: How do our handheld inkjet printers simplify printing from Word?

In future, you can easily mark your products with data that you have previously created in Microsoft™ Word. Our mobile printers have an interface that makes it possible to print Word content directly onto almost any surface. There is no need to transfer the files created in Word to another program first. This step is not necessary with our hand printers! The Word interface increases the user-friendliness of our mobile inkjet printers.

Now you can create and modify texts, numbers, times, barcodes, QR codes and data matrix codes in Word as you wish and print them directly on your products. Creating and printing texts and barcodes in Word has never been easier! In the area of product marking you save time and do not have to deal with annoying format conversions. Flexible and absolutely reliable, our mobile inkjet printers support you when printing on glass, wood, paper, cardboard and foils, as well as on flat and uneven surfaces. The special inks of our printers dry especially fast, are waterproof and do not dry up in the printer, even if you take a longer break.
Create texts, numbers, barcodes in Word and print on all surfaces

Individual marking: Why do Word and our hand printers complement each other perfectly?

Innovative: How does mobile direct printing from Word work?

Certain interfaces are required so that your Word files can be read and processed by printers. By programming them accordingly, printers know how to interpret the content and are ultimately able to reproduce these purely digital values in an analogous way with ink. In the field of mobile product marking, this ability is not a matter of course.

Why is printing directly from Word not possible with many manufacturers?

Depending on how manufacturers design their hand printers, they have different advantages and disadvantages. The printers therefore differ considerably in terms of their capabilities. Word files can be printed with all common hand printers, but usually only with the help of another program. In order for data to be transferred directly from Word, additional effort is required for the development of appropriate interfaces. Many manufacturers therefore do without a corresponding feature.

Why is printing from Word still possible with our hand printers?

In addition to longevity and print quality, the development of our mobile inkjets focused on maximum user-friendliness. Due to our many years of experience in industrial product marking, we know exactly what small and medium-sized companies require from marking solutions. Since Word is often used to create product markings, the possibility of printing from Word was a useful addition to our flexible printers. Thus, we will continue to meet our claim to offer optimal solutions for individual marking of small to medium batch sizes.

FAQ: What are common questions about mobile printing from Word?

Q: Are REINER® hand printers compatible with all versions of Word?
A: Yes. The mobile inkjet printers can be controlled by all Windows-based Word files.

Q: Can data from Word be saved with the REINER® hand printers?
A: Yes. The mobile inkjet printers can save the print images. Depending on the device, the amount of storage capacity varies.

Q: Can I print barcodes with Word 2010?
A: Barcodes can either be created in Word using appropriate extensions or automatically generated by our hand printers based on numbers.

Q: Can numbers in Word documents be automatically converted into barcodes with REINER® hand printers?
A: Yes, transferred numbers can be converted into machine readable barcodes.

Q: Can QR Codes and Data Matrix Codes also be printed directly from Word?
A: Yes, all common 1D and 2D codes can be printed from Word.

Q: Is a consecutive numbering of the barcodes possible?
A: Yes, numbers from Word can be converted into a barcode which is then automatically numbered sequentially.

Q: Does printing directly from Word have disadvantages?
A: No, it is always easier, safer and more time-saving to transfer the data directly from Word.

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