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Printing from ERP systemFast. Simple. Reliable.
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Printing from ERP systemFast. Simple. Reliable.
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Direct printing from ERP/SAP with the REINER jetStamp® – no labels needed!

Process optimisation example: labels in logistics and production

Keeping up with digital transformation is lots of work in many areas. The costs for analogue-digital and digital-analogue interfaces are still often underestimated. For example, these are:

• The process safe recording of the analogue paper world in a digital ERP system
• Or vice versa, unique marking from goods management / ERP onto a product / the packaging.

These interfaces are often personnel intensive if delivery documents must be recorded and assigned manually, or if markings must be tediously printed onto labels before being stuck to a product in the right position.
REINER®'s network-capable mobile inkjet printers not only clear employee time, but can also optimise processes by direct communication with the ERP goods management system. They clearly reduce the chance of manual transfer errors.

Process optimisation logistics

Printing from ERP systems
Delivery notes and delivery documents on paper continue to be the classical medium to transfer logistic information, even in optimised inbound goods workflows. A company's inbound goods department is a typical interface for the conversion from analogue to digital information processing.

For further processing, the paper documents for ERP goods management – often an SAP application – must be recorded digitally and assigned uniquely. Process optimisation starts with printing a sequential barcode, QR code or DMC data matrix code on all pages of a delivery document in this case. A mobile inkjet printer like the REINER jetStamp® 1025 only needs to be aligned on the document before the print can be triggered with a single button!
The delivery documents are then scanned and automatically assigned to the inbound goods number and process via the printed-on barcode. Paper is a thing of the past. From here on out, all processes run entirely digitally in ERP/SAP goods management.

The print image can be configured flexibly in advance as needed: as a fixed or sequential barcode / data matrix code / QR code, with or without text and date, with any graphics. The extremely simple and secure handling of the REINER® marking devices make operation easy for gatekeepers or partially skilled helpers as well.

A detailed customer reference as an example of successful process optimisation methods can be downloaded in our application note "Digitised delivery documents – imprints of sequential barcodes"
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REINER® product solutions

The right device for almost every requirement.
We offer different inject printers depending on your needs and area of application.

Select the right marking device for you from our product variety:
To the handheld inkjet printer

Process optimisation in production:

More efficient marking for tracking
Every product and every component has parts that "grow" into a whole in production. If unexpected issues arise in later use of the product, the cause must be found. Being able to track parts via their numbers is essential in order to determine just why a part of the product did not live up to expectations.

Both for individual production and for serial production, marking solutions are often needed that permit fast and reliable direct manual printing of customer- and part specific information on the product. The mobile REINER® inkjets are an asset for this.

Any customer- and item specific print images can be prepared in the enclosed software. Transfer to the REINER® 940 or to the REINER®® Handheld Inkjet Printer of the jetStamp®® series. takes place by USB or Bluetooth.

Once the mobile marking device is signed on as a network printer, print orders can be transferred from the ERP/SAP goods management system directly to the mobile inkjet printer.
A detailed customer reference can be downloaded in our application note "Marking construction parts – sequential numbering"

Printing barcodes from SAP, applying part numbers and more – by SAP Abap and forms

Finding simple and reliable solutions for entrepreneurial everyday life has always been a challenge and motivation for REINER®'s employees. This is why we cooperated with our partner ADVANCED APPLICATIONS GmbH to develop several application examples (Abap code plus forms) that our customers can download free of charge.

Users of a REINER® marking device will find quick-start instructions on how to call up the desired information from SAP with an input or scan. The REINER® printer installed under Windows can then be used to output text or barcode. The REINER® printer driver acts as an SAP barcode generator at the same time.
This permits direct transfer of the print image by USB or Bluetooth from SAP to the mobile handheld inkjet by REINER® and eliminates any interim steps!
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REINER® MarkingPartner in your area

Are you looking for an authorized dealer near you? Simply enter your country and postal code and the nearest marking partners will be displayed, like AUTOMATED MARKING INC. in the USA.

To REINER® MarkingPartner

The special features of printing right from SAP with REINER® marking devices at a glance

Printing from ERP
Higher process safety and increasing data quality:
• The mobile printer directly generates legible, unique information or barcodes on documents or objects.
Less time and cost expenditure for form design and maintenance.
Prepared forms and a quick-start guide
• Since they are ready for use immediately, they serve as "best practice" for fast implementation.
Advanced applications is able to implement this quickly for you via form-bound processes for new or changed business requirements. The experts from the SAP consulting house offer individual coordination.

The mobile REINER® "label printer": this is how modern documentation and marking "Made in Germany" works!

REINER® provides a handheld label printer that needs no label at all! The employees at inbound goods, in the warehouse or in production can place the required markings right at their workstations. A stationary printer or label printer is unnecessary, and the consumable "paper labels" becomes a thing of the past.

The quick-drying REINER® ink MP ensures optimal adhesion on many different materials. The markings can no longer come off, as paper and film labels did when they got moist, oily or were scratched away.

The economical ink consumption and long battery life turn the REINER® marking devices into valued colleagues. The mobile inkjet printer patiently suffers even longer work breaks without drying up, thanks to its special protection mechanism above the printing head. In spite of their high provision and technical refinements, the REINER® handheld inkjets have been consistently aligned with mobile use and are characterised by their robustness and reliability.

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