Digitised delivery documents - Barcode

jetStamp® graphic 970:

When it matters – the next barcode at hand consecutively!

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Clear assignment of documents and goods

A good example from practice:
Optimisation of logistics bottlenecks in inbound goods skilfully combined with
demands for accelerated processes for servicing suppliers and forwarders.

Generating a barcode with consecutive content isn‘t magic. Having it at hand
on site at all times with a reliable handheld marking device is more difficult! Having
a printer that can also be used flexibly at changing requirements is special;
it is made possible by the REINER® handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® graphic 970.

The benefits at a glance of the handheld printer:

• Optimised supply control in connection with continuous document tracking:
A consecutive barcode for changing processes and at the same time the
same barcode for page numbering of the process

• Faster processing at the gate:
The basic data at the handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® graphic 970 are pre-set. The user only needs to operate a setting wheel on the device.

• Flexible uses even in high-volume times and always in the „right place“:
The device is mobile and the barcode can be placed where it can

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Digitised delivery documents - Barcode
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