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Printing metalsFast. Simple. Reliable.
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Printing metalsFast. Simple. Reliable.
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REINER® marking devices for metal marking

Mark metal and make a permanent mark!

• Are you searching for a possibility for permanent marking of metal?
• Do you want your metal markings to remain permanently legible?
• Do you want to be mobile and flexible when marking metal?

Metal marking: How to permanently mark metal?

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Rely on REINER®'s high-quality industrial marking solutions in the metalworking industry. Print batch numbers, manufacturing dates, logos, text, barcodes and QR codes on components and products. Images and graphics can also be easily applied with most of the REINER jetStamp® models. Depending on the requirements, the stored print motifs are individually adapted to the respective situation. Our handheld printers are a particularly flexible and efficient tool for permanently marking metal.

The REINER® marking devices for metal marking offer the following advantages, among others:
- Reliable and permanent marking on metal
- Flexibility and cost savings by eliminating the need for labels
- Applicability on almost all metals and other surfaces

The REINER® special ink guarantees not only high contrast and good legibility, but also durability. Even under adverse conditions, markings once applied remain resistant and legible for a long time. Thanks to high smudge resistance directly after printing, REINER® ink enables efficient and uninterrupted work. The innovative print head cover on the jetStamp® 1025 mobile inkjet printer reliably protects the ink from drying out, even during longer breaks in work. Operating our handheld printers is child's play. Every employee can use them effectively without any prior knowledge. Windows and printer drivers are supplied directly, so that the entire spectrum of individual marking of metal parts is directly available to you. The mobile REINER® handheld inkjets were specially developed for mobile use. Despite their filigree construction, they are characterized by their robust design and durability. They can therefore be used efficiently in virtually any work environment.

Traceability: Why is reliable metal marking so important?

Metal galvanized print
Traceability markings in steel manufacturing and metal products in general is more important today than ever before. In the event of a recall, each part must be clearly identifiable. Also as protection against brand piracy and for general quality assurance, clear metal coding and marking of is in the interest of manufacturers.
In principle, two types of codes can be distinguished that are applied to products for this purpose. On the one hand, there are alphanumeric codes, including serial and component numbers. On the other hand, complex codes, such as data matrix codes and QR codes. Both types of code are united by the requirement that they must remain clearly recognizable and legible throughout the entire life of the product.

How to permanently mark (stainless) steel?

By using the mobile REINER® handheld inkjets and ink for marking metal parts, you save costs and play it safe at the same time. Even tiny codes and identification numbers can be applied with high precision to a wide variety of metals with our handheld printers. The printer ink used withstands weathering, temperature fluctuations and mechanical stress and usually remains (machine) readable even after many years.
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REINER® product solutions

The right device for almost every requirement.
We offer different inject printers depending on your needs and area of application.

Select the right marking device for you from our product variety:
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Versatile: Which industries benefit from metal coding and marking with REINER® hand printers?

A wide variety of metals have always been used in industry, some of which have completely different properties. The so-called industrial metals in particular are of great economic importance. In all metal-processing industries, companies benefit from the reliable and cost-efficient marking of their products. Among others, REINER® hand printers are suitable for the individual marking of metal components in the following industries.

Automotive industry

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers are always on the lookout for additional savings potential due to intense global competition. Switching from labels to direct printing is therefore a sensible option. Our mobile printers eliminate ongoing costs for material procurement, handling and disposal. At the same time, companies benefit from the flexibility and time savings offered by our handheld printers.
In the automotive sector in particular, reliable traceability of all components is important. This is the only way to efficiently handle recalls and protect brands from piracy. REINER jetStamp® models are the ideal tool for reliably applying permanent markings to metal parts. Even if you want to print your logo on metal, our mini printers are the perfect choice.

Mechanical Engineering

Marking sheets without labels
Mechanical engineering refers to a complex and diverse industry. What the various machine builders have in common is their interest in a cost-effective and reliable marking method. No matter whether it is for aluminum marking, for labeling a metal sheet or for printing a logo on metal. The marking must fit perfectly into the manufacturing process.
Machine builders of all kinds therefore benefit from using the mobile REINER® handheld inkjets. For example, manufacturer information or CE markings can be applied to machine parts cost-effectively and permanently. They are ideally suited for marking and labeling both small and large metal parts. Individual marking of metal surfaces is particularly fast and flexible. Thanks to their intuitive design, the REINER® handheld printers can be used effectively by any employee without prior knowledge after a short instruction.

Electrical industry

Metal marking is of particular importance in the electrical industry. Here, too, quality assurance and traceability are important arguments for high-quality metal marking. In addition, the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) stipulates that certain information must be affixed to the equipment. This includes, for example, the familiar symbol of the crossed-out trash can.
Particularly in areas where metal labeling is required by law, it is worth investing in a cost-saving and reliable alternative to labeling. With our electric marking devices for metal marking, the marking of metal surfaces is quick and easy. You can mark metal particularly quickly and flexibly with our hand printers.

Steel industry

Steel consists largely of iron. It is a material that is indispensable in many areas of industry. In the production of steel, products must be reliably marked as they pass through. Logos or article numbers, for example, are often applied to steel marking. CE marking of steel is also an important area of application. Here, too, the high durability of the applied steel markings is important.
For long-lasting marking of steel, companies benefit from the economical and reliable REINER jetStamp® models. Their flexibility and adaptability save them time and money when marking steel. While labels can come off and or become unusable due to scratches, the REINER® special ink impresses with its robustness and durability.

Aviation Industry

Aircraft have to withstand particularly high loads. Weak points must be completely eliminated here to ensure functionality and safety. Assemblers and suppliers alike therefore benefit from an efficient and reliable method of marking metal parts. This is the only way to ensure complete traceability and effective quality controls.
REINER® metal marking solutions are the ideal tool for the aerospace industry as well. With our mobile hand printers, the marking of metal parts is particularly easy. In particular, they are an effective aluminum marking solution, a material which is frequently used in this industry. Marking is carried out quickly and reliably with our printers. Highly specialized manufacturers in particular, where no two components are alike, save valuable working time when marking with the flexible marking devices.

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Universal: Can all metals be permanently marked with our printers?

If you work in the metalworking industry, you are certainly aware of the sometimes considerable differences between the various metals. They can also differ in the nature of their surface.
So the question of whether the mobile REINER® handheld inkjets are suitable for every type of metal is certainly justified.
Our handheld inkjets use ink specially developed for industrial use. This ink is smudge-proof and durable on almost all surfaces. It's best to see the print quality for yourself. Take advantage of our free trial printing service and send us your product. We will print the desired imprint on your product and send it back to you.

The following areas of application are only a small excerpt from the wide range of applications for REINER® mini printers:
- Aluminum marking
- Sheet metal marking
- Tin marking
- Copper marking
- Steel marking
- Lead Marking
- Iron marking

The functions of our hand printers are not limited to applying alphanumeric strings and codes. You can also print logos on metal, giving your components a very individual look. You can print logos on metal just as easily as any other print motif. The operation of the supplied software is fully possible even without prior knowledge. With the REINER® marking models, you are particularly free and flexible when designing your components.

Metal Labeling: What are the advantages of direct printing over labels?

Direct printing on metal
In many areas of industry, labels are still used to mark products. With direct printing, however, you have a far more effective way to permanently mark metal.
The most important advantage over labels is greater flexibility. Labels can become unusable or even incorrectly counted due to spontaneous changes. As a result, new labels have to be printed, which costs working time and possibly delays subsequent processes. The REINER jetStamp® models, on the other hand, allow you to adapt the print motif to the respective circumstances in a flash.
Labels are also a cost factor. By printing directly on your components instead of on labels, you not only save on material costs. Handling costs and, if necessary, disposal costs are also eliminated. Far more significant, however, are the cost savings resulting from faster processing. Whether it's aluminum marking or sheet metal labeling, with the right tools it's quicker and safer.
Last but not least, direct printing is much more environmentally friendly than using labels. Adhesive labels generate waste that is difficult or impossible to recycle due to the silicone-based backing material. However, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly important in today's world. With our mobile hand printers, you reduce your ecological footprint sustainably.

Mobile: Can REINER® marking technologies be used at any workplace?

The mobile REINER® marking devices are equipped with high-quality rechargeable batteries and can therefore be used at any workplace. A power supply at the place of use is not necessary. The handy marking devices convince with a robust and high-quality workmanship and therefore enable maximum efficiency, top quality and a long service life.
The most common stamp impressions are already pre-installed in the jetStamp® 990 mobile marking device, so you can get started quickly and easily. Individual stamp impressions can be created in advance using the supplied software and permanently stored in the portable marking device.
With the portable marking devices jetStamp® 1025, jetStamp® graphic 970 or REINER® 940, data can be transferred via Word, Excel, ERP system, label software or via the supplied PCset graphic software. These devices also have graphics capability and are therefore suitable for high-quality printing of barcodes or data matrix codes.
The handling of the devices is very simple and can also be passed on to other persons without extensive training.

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