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Glossary hand stamps P

Print wheels

There are a variety of different print wheels. As a rule, these are made of zinc die casting. Steel wheels are also available for special applications. Standard wheels of numberers are usually 10-parted with the figures 0 to 9. For the representation of the date or special models with letters there are also 12-part wheels. The figures and letters are offered in different sizes. There are different fonts like Antiqua and Block. Steel wheels are often engraved with special characters to achieve punctures.

Pad holder

This swing-out holder is installed in the outer frame in such a way that an inserted ink pad presses on the print wheels and the text plates and swivels to the side during stamping.

Pad holder with inked pad

The pad holder with inked pad is a complete element for automatic stamp inking. Sizes and designs are model-specific.

Pagination stamp

Pagination stamp are also known as numberers. Like the numberer, it is also offered with 6-16 digits. They can also be provided with a date display. It can be used in banks, public authorities and accounting departments to number files, bank documents and other important documents consecutively with the stamp.
The pagination stamp with date display enables complete file management.