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Glossary hand stamps R

Retaining pawl

The retaining pawl is a mechanical lever pressed against the print wheel by a leaf spring to keep it in the correct print position. The retaining pawl creates a positive fit with the ratchet ring of a wheel.

Receipt stamp

The receipt stamp is also called the incoming mail stamp. The stamp imprint that identifies the document shall indicate when it was received. The receipt stamp is usually used in offices, courts and authorities.
REINER® offers the receipt stamp as mechanical and electrical stamp.

Replacement pads

Replacement pads,which are available in different colours from REINER®, can be changed easily in no time at all. Ink pads of self-inking numberers consist of a pad holder and the felt or foam pad. The ink consumption of an ink pad/replacement pad depends on the figure size, the amount of text to be stamped and the absorbency of the printed material. The ink pat/replacement pad is available as a complete unit. This enables the operator to change the ink pad without getting dirty.

You can be sure that your stamps deliver a continuous, even and clean imprint with REINER® replacement pads.

Ratchet ring

The ratchet ring is a lateral form of a print wheel similar to a gear. The ratchet ring is used to advance through the actuating pawl and to hold the wheel in the correct print position.