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Hand stampDater-Numberers with / without textplate
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with / without textplate

Dater-Numberers with / without textplate
Numberers with date from REINER® - the optimal helpers for quick, easy marking of documents and records with consecutive number and date.

The robust stamps are easy to use and ensure a consistent, always high-quality imprint image. The handle always lies comfortably in the hand and operation is simple: place, press, and the high-quality imprint is ready.

The date display can be adapted exactly to the given requirements and can be adjusted simply by pressing a button - dirty fingers are a thing of the past. REINER® also has a solution for individualists: the numeroteurs with date are available in combination with a text plate designed according to personal specifications.

See for yourself and CHOOSE your REINER® numeroteur with date.
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Stamp, Dater-Numberer 9
Dater-Numberer, model 9
REINER 9 Pos65
172 500 900.jpg
REINER 9 Pos67
173 000 540.jpg
173 000 150.jpg
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Stamp, Dater-Numberer
Dater-Numberer, model ND6K
REINER ND6K Pos142.jpg
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Stamp, Dater-Numberer with textplate DN53a
Dater-Numberer with textplate, model DN53a
REINER DN53a Pos105.jpg
REINER DN53a Pos106.jpg
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Stamp, Dater-Numberer with textplate DN65a
Dater-Numberer with textplate, model DN65a
REINER DN65a Pos168
REINER DN65a Pos191.jpg
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