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Mail Daters

Mail Daters
REINER® develops and produces its postmarks specially adapted to the daily requirements in post offices. Our postmarks are characterized by high-quality materials and robust construction. Among other things, steel or die-cast and brass are used. A long service life is therefore a matter of course, even under permanent load.

Available as date stamps round, square with text plate or roller stamps, our products meet all requirements for flexibility and individuality. This is how our postmarks convince in daily use: Always with comfortable and safe handling and a permanently consistent stamp imprint for a clean documentation.
See for yourself and choose your postmark. Optionally available is the postmark pad model 123, which contributes to a functional workplace with high-quality ink and low consumption.
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Stamp, Mail Dater 242
Mail Dater, Model 242
REINER 242 Pos112.jpg
REINER 242 Pos114.jpg
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Stamp, Dater with textplate D28b
Dater with textplate, model D28b
REINER D28b Pos133 141 000 900 4 5mm 300dpi Kopie.jpg
REINER D28b Pos133a.jpg
REINER D28b Pos134.jpg
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Stamp, Mail Dater 130
Mail Roller Dater, Model 130
REINER 130 Pos157
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Stamp, Dater with textplate D28c
Dater with textplate, model D28c
REINER D28c Pos171 300dpi
REINER D28c Pos172 300dpi.jpg
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