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Video REINER® hand stamps - the promise of best quality

Our REINER® products and application solutions of the highest quality originate at the heart of the Black Forest.

The REINER® stamping and marking units offers a diverse range of customised solutions for your needs.
What makes REINER quality so outstanding?

Let us answer this question by taking a look at how we make our products:
We put the highest value on high-quality materials and precise processing in production already.

Our high demand to performance can be experienced, seen and felt in our products.
Reliability of our products takes first priority for best success of our customers.

The REINER® numberer B6 is an impressive example for this:
As compared to the products of other providers, the B6 turns out to be the most reliable product in the test.
After 110,000 imprints, the REINER® numberer B6 is the only one with the correct counter reading and continued full function without limitation.
In addition to their reliability, our products stand out with their longevity. After 550,000 imprints, the hand stamp B6 continues to work without any mistakes.
One thing is true of all REINER® products without exception:
Our products and application solutions represent reliability, longevity and high quality.

You can rely on it!

REINER® – Quality for your success

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