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Glossary hand stamps I

Incoming mail stamp

REINER® offers the incoming mail stamp as mechanical and electrical stamp. The mechanical incoming mail stamp is offered as a self-inking model at REINER®, as the ink pad is already integrated.
It can be used, for example, to process applications with the corresponding receipt. It can also be used to document the deadline.
The date and name of the receiving person or place are often stamped with the incoming mail stamp. An important special feature is that this stamp makes it possible to trace when the document was received at a later date. With the electric incoming mail stamp, the time is displayed digitally.

Ink pad for mail daters

Usually these are round and made of a black plastic housing. Even when the lid is open, the ink pad does not dry out.

Inspection stamp

The inspection stamp is used when products have to be tested after manufacture.
The inspection stamp thus makes it possible to trace who carried out the inspection and when. The imprint thus certifies that the "stamped" product has been carefully checked.
The inspection stamp is therefore often used as a seal of quality on product packaging. This gives the customer a secure feeling that the purchased products have the guaranteed quality.

Inner frame

The inner frame moves up and down in the frame and contains the print wheels set. The text plate is also attached to the inner frame. Another element of the inner frame is the push rod, which projects upwards from the outer frame and is connected to the handle.