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Glossary hand stamps S

Special imprints

REINER® is known for the many stamps and individual production of the corresponding text plates.
Special imprints include, for example, the production of text plates for chambers of commerce, various hospitals, for administrations, among others for the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Text plates with special engraving are produced for these stamps. These contain texts that apply exactly to the respective company. In addition, a signature field, the logo and the date etc. can be added.

Stamp inks

The stamp inks are available in different colours depending on the area of application. At REINER® you can choose from oil-based stamp inks such as black, red, blue and green.
On the one hand there is the quick-drying stamp ink for metal stamps and solvent-resistant plastic plates, so that non-absorbent surfaces such as metals, coated papers, blueprints, plotter prints, tracing paper, various plastics and foils can be marked.
On the other hand, there is oil-based stamp ink for the metal stamps to stamp absorbent papers.