REINER® marking systems are used in production and distribution logistics

About 99 percent of the companies in Germany are small or medium-sized enterprises. Thanks to their handy sizes, short paths to decision, and comparatively low administrative effort, medium-sized enterprises have space for more innovative power and flexibility in development and production of their products as a competitive benefit. They are able to react to market requirements more quickly. Economic success is possible in particular in niches with smaller sales volumes.

REINER®'s flexible mobile inkjet printers support logistics processes as marking devices for optimal and digitised warehouse marking to prevent outdated logistics from cancelling out this speed advantage. Start your digital transformation cost-efficiently and quickly and let our marking solutions pave your way to logistics 4.0!

We provide specific case studies and present the special features of the REINER® marking devices to show you how this step will optimise your logistics processes as well.

Handheld inkjet printer in logistics

Digitising delivery documents: case study for incoming goods

MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH clearly accelerated its incoming goods processes. A sequential 1D barcode is placed on every page of the delivery documents using a REINER jetStamp® inkjet printer right at the gate upon delivery of the goods.
The gatekeeper scans all documents, which are then made available to incoming goods immediately as digital delivery documents via the workflow system. The printed barcode is assigned an incoming goods number and a process. It is then also part of the ERP system.
The detailed customer refence as an example of successful process optimisation methods can be downloaded in our application note "Digitised delivery documents – imprints of sequential barcodes"
Incoming goods Digitalized delivery documents

Warehouse marking: case study for pallets

SAP / ERP connection: form design and direct data transfer to the mobile marking device

Defect-free information transfer between digital goods management systems and analogue objects is a basic prerequisite of process optimisation in logistics. In warehousing, in particular for small to medium-sized enterprises, this interface is usually operated by a person. The network-capable mobile REINER® inkjet printers are perfect tools to efficiently support that employee in defect-free execution of his tasks.
The network-capable handheld printers from the jetStamp® series can communicate directly with the ERP goods management system. The supply the required print images to the employee virtually ready-made: all he has left to do is to place the REINER® marking device in the desired place on the packaging and to push the button.
The mobile handheld Inkjets put plain text information or 1D/2D barcodes on documents and objects.
This is how simple form handling and data transfer from the SAP area works today! Discover the diverse uses of the REINER® marking devices in our application note "REINER® and Advanced Applications develop best-practice solutions in the SAP environment"

Optimization in logistics

Applying barcodes, data matrix codes, QR codes and other information in warehouse marking without labels

Printing on carton / cardboard

The simplest and most effective way of applying markings is printing them right onto the object. In logistics, this is usually a carton or a film packaging.
REINER® combined this requirement with the aspect of flexible mobility and developed its cordless handheld printers from the jetStamp® series for this. Holding the device against the carton, cardboard or corrugated cardboard and pushing a button is all it takes. Applying any desired logo, symbol or computer-readable code, as well as a text and date, with the handy printer becomes a breeze. This is particularly the case for sequential barcodes. Precise trackability of every single unit is guaranteed without using complicated and sensitive labels.
Corrugated cardboard in particular has a very rough surface that labels often do not adhere to very well. Cartons are exposed to mechanical stress and contamination in the warehouse and during transport. Loading from high-bay shelves or right from production often causes loss of labels. Direct printing is different! The special ink from the handheld REINER® printers transfers the printed motif directly to the carton or film: it dries immediately, is water-proof and even smear-resistant on glass, metal and many plastics.
The REINER® marking devices have already convinced many professional users in warehouse marking and other print jobs on carton and cardboard.
Print cartons directly without labels

Printing on pallets / wooden crates

Digitalisation in logistics starts directly with the mobile REINER® jetStamp product family "Made in Germany"!