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REINER® and Advanced Applications develop best-practice solutions in the SAP environment

From the form directly to the device

REINER® and Advanced Applications develop best-practice solutions in the SAP environment

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Finding the right connection is important, especially when it comes to the smooth and fast transfer of data in processes. In marking, the focus is on mobility and coupling with the leading systems and their data.
Thus there was only one goal for the coding specialist REINER®, who himself uses SAP:
                                  Mobile marking in SAP processes

In order to find the best solution for data transfer from SAP directly to the REINER® marking devices, REINER® works closely together with the specialists from Advanced Applications.
Advanced Applications GmbH from Rottweil is a globally active SAP consulting company.
This collaboration has resulted in best-practice solutions that make it easier to implement REINER® marking products in existing work processes.

The ready-made solutions can be used to prepare and output information via SAPscript, SmartForms or Adobe Forms . The output is possible as text or barcode – result:
                        Direct printing from SAP to the REINER® marking device.

Download SAP templates

Advantages of the developed SAP solution:

  • No intermediate solution (middleware) required for print preparation
  • More safety in the process
  • Easier entry through best-practice solutions
  • Use of existing SAP know-how
  • Less time and money spent


Do you also want to transfer your data directly from SAP to your REINER® device?

Then the specialists from Advanced Applications are exactly the right contact persons.

Advanced Applications GmbH - An ATS Company
Auf dem Wall 29
D-78628 Rottweil

Phone.: 0741 / 17 44 16-600
Fax: 0741 / 17 44 16-669
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