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100 Years REINER®

100 Years REINER
A century ago, Ernst REINER® laid the foundations for a company that has in the meantime become the global leader in the areas of metal stamps and cheque scanners.
His inventive spirit and courage built a company for several generations that is still owned by the family.

1913 – How it all began….

Ernst REINER® founded a turning shop for precision turned parts in his parents' home in Furtwangen in the Black Forest in 1913. Licensed production of a numbering machine was tackled as early as in 1919. Ernst REINER® used it as a basis for development of a new wheel numbering that is still in use in current models, such as the B6 or the DN53.

1950 – Development of the first electric stamp

REINER® continued to develop its stamp programme over the years, including development of electric stamps for numbering and dating of incoming mail, forms and other documents. This has been another important technical corner stone.

The early entrance into the development and production of print heads for price label guns in the early 1960s is considered a milestone in the company's story of success as well. The printers were installed into Meto labelling guns for many decades.

1970 – Development of the first OCR-printers

Development of electric stamps enabled the company to enter the banking business. The possibility of automatic numbering and dating, as well as precise printing, were basic requirements for the later development and production of OCR-printers to print new cheques and money transfers.

1998 – Cheque scanners conquer the markets

Scanners have become today an important component in the information processing chain. Customers use paperless processes in their companies and organisations. REINER® supports this market trend with special scanners that convert cheques and similar forms into electronic data. New technologies and profound know-how are the basis for new developments and thus secure the company's future.

2000 – Market introduction of mobile electric stamps

The technical progress of the last 30 years has left its mark on the markets. Precision-mechanics devices have been replaced by electric stamps and mobile printers. This changes opened up new business field for the company industrial marking. Mobile ink-jet based printers offer new possibilities and in particular better flexibility in marking documents and products. Barcode, graphics, time, batch number and other important data can now be printed directly and mobilely onto documents and products.

These innovations and developments were possible because precision mechanics is one of the company's core competences. This special know-how and the great experience in tool construction are available to other companies as well. The core technologies of zinc die-casting, injection moulding/MIM and fine blanking are the basis for the sale of high-precision mechanics parts. Today, the company supplies customers from industries like textile machines, medicine technology and measuring industries.

The developments of the last 10 years have created new business areas and markets for the company and thus secured its future.

2013 – There's more to it…

Today, REINER® is a modern family-owned company with the corporate areas of stamps, industrial marking, scanners and precision technology. It is headquartered in Furtwangen in the Black Forest of Germany.

The group of companies also includes two subsidiaries: While REINER® sct develops and sells chip card readers for home banking and the new RFID based personal ID card, IP Systeme develops banking software for payment transactions and offers services for payment processing of remittance payments and cheques in Germany.

The stamps and scanners are sold in more than 60 countries. They are produced in the Black Forest only. The site of Furtwangen will be maintained in future as the. managers Andreas REINER® and Norbert Merz consider their motivated employees with great innovative power and the company's high quality standards as well as the seal "Made in Germany" to be valuable capital and the foundation of the company's future.