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The REINER® health day 2020 with a focus on health promotion and prevention

The REINER health day 2020 with a focus on health promotion and prevention
Health and well-being are two goals that marking specialist REINER® from Furtwangen has committed to.

The company encourages its employees, who were able to get some advice and suggestions for a healthy lifestyle at the health day 2020, to practice a health-conscious conduct.
Ernst REINER® hosted a health day for its employees on 05 March 2020. More than 100 participants from the Ernst REINER® and REINER® SCT companies used the opportunity to learn about health related subjects and to participate in various preventive offers.

"As an employer, we support a responsible approach of our employees to their health. We wanted to contribute to the prevention of illnesses with the health day 2020. By conveying knowledge about health, the event was to inspire active participation while also being fun. We are very happy that it has turned out to be so popular, and that its various stations were well received," says Jochen Gunzenhauser, commercial manager.

Many participants – many offers

The health day too place in cooperation with the AOK and TK health insurances, the company doctor and the HR department in Furtwangen. Groups of twelve went through the individual stations, which offered reaction, stress, and lung function tests, an obstacle course to be completed with glasses that simulated being drunk, measurements of body fat, CO, blood glucose and blood pressure, the AOK biozoom QuickTest, vaccination consulting, and a back examination.