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Document management systemsFast. Simple. Reliable.
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Document management systemsFast. Simple. Reliable.
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Optimising document management systems with REINER® mobile handheld printers

● Do you want to apply machine-readable codes to documents quickly and reliably?
● Do you want to make your DMS more efficient and secure?
● Are you looking for a mobile and versatile handheld printer?

Automation: How can you improve the efficiency of your DMS with printed codes?

Print texts, numbers, barcodes
Use our mobile handheld printers to print barcodes, QR codes, and data matrix codes directly on documents, envelopes, and invoices efficiently and reliably in order to improve your DMS in the long term. The high-resolution print can then be read by scanners, ensuring precise assignment of your documents at all times and making important information concerning them available on demand. The quick-drying and smear-resistant ink of our handheld printers permits printing in quick succession without delay. As a result, our mobile inkjets are ideally for use in offices and logistics areas.
Our handheld printers reduce the time and effort previously required for document management by clearly marking documents without any labels or separator sheets. Among other things, this ensures clear assignment to a data record. Reliable marking by direct printing, as well as intuitive operation of our mobile inkjet printers keep the error rate low and increase reliability in your DMS. Our mobile handheld printers were developed for flexible and individual marking in any working environment. Economical ink consumption, long battery lifetimes, and protection for the ink from drying out make our handheld printers an excellent addition to any DMS.

DMS: How can codes help you digitise and archive documents?

Make your document management system more flexible and reduce the time required for individual work steps. Applying documents with barcodes, QR codes, or data matrix codes simplifies automatic handling of many digitisation processes. Digital archiving becomes easier, competent departments can access relevant information more quickly, and important data can be retrieved at any time.

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REINER® product solutions

The right device for almost every requirement.
We offer different inject printers depending on your needs and area of application.

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Optimised scanning processes for considerable time savings

Use machine-readable codes to uniquely identify your documents and significantly speed up the digitisation and archiving processes. If the matching technical equipment is available, documents with appropriate markings can be applied with certain attributes or processed further automatically upon scanning. This is a great special feature for companies with a high document volume to scan. No longer required to tediously edit every scanned document on the PC manually and file it in the correct location, your employees are gaining time for more important tasks.
The first and most important step of imprinting the code is performed by the REINER® mobile handheld printers.

Automatic indexing of invoices

Use our mobile inkjet printers to uniquely mark invoices immediately after receipt. The information stored in the code can be used for automatic document indexing later. A matching software solution can sort invoices into individual documents automatically and, if necessary, process them further right away. You can now call up important information on the respective invoices digitally at any time. Barcodes can be scanned particularly securely and reliably, which is a special benefit for sensitive documents such as invoices and contracts.

Direct printing: What special features do barcoded documents have as compared to labels?

Barcode documents
Put an end to working with labels and all the issues they bring. Our handheld printers work entirely without them, printing the respective codes directly onto the documents instead. This is of great advantage in daily use. Labels are inflexible since they cannot be changed anymore once created. If the requirements to the applied codes change, employees must wait for new labels to arrive before they can continue. On top of this, document marking will also grind to a halt if labels simply run out.
The print motives of our mobile inkjet printers can be changed at any time. A variety of motives can be stored in the device as well. Since its operation is intuitive, your employees can take up work immediately after delivery of the device. The required Windows driver is, of course, enclosed, as is the software for code and graphics creation. Our printers handle the quick-drying ink extremely economically, allowing the processing of even large numbers of documents without interruption.

Overview: Why is a reliable DMS (Document Management System) so very important?

A DMS (short for Document Management System) archives and manages important documents and records from everyday business. Various functions allow the user to quickly retrieve relevant data for the respective documents. A DMS system is not only useful for documents that companies are legally obligated to archive but helps keep track of receipts and documents from business partners at all times without storing any large amounts of paper as well.
Scanning documents with barcodes allows automation and acceleration of the process of digitising important documents. This also significantly reduces the risk of errors. Mobile and flexible solutions such as the modern REINER® handheld printers are ideal for individually marking documents with barcodes, rendering the time-consuming process of digitising documents a lot more efficient.
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Versatile: Where can our handheld printers make DMS easier?

Our mobile inkjet printers are a useful addition to your DMS even outside of the office since they facilitate digitisation of documents in the following areas as well.
effective document management with REINER

DMS in medicine

Digitisation plays an important role in the healthcare system today. Hospitals, pharmacies, and medical practices benefit from the high efficiency offered by modern DMS systems. In particular accelerated communication and improved quality of medical care are major advantages. Our handheld printers are ideal for use in the medical field, as they enable individual marking of a wide variety of document types in a short time frame. Depending on the requirements, the codes to be printed can be adapted easily and straightforwardly, making mobile inkjets a strong partner in the often-hectic working day in the healthcare sector.

DMS logistics

Work in logistics must be efficient and reliable. DMS links various production processes, e.g. between companies and customers, and is subject to particularly high demands in this area as a result. Automatic digitisation permits rapid documentation of all incoming and outgoing goods and is important for communication between departments. Our flexible and resilient handheld printers with their long battery lives are a great help in digitally capturing documents in logistics.

DMS administration

Efficient digitisation of documents is essential in order to cope with the daily flood of paper in public administration. Our handheld printers support you in this process by quickly and easily applying proofs, receipts, and various other types of documents with the appropriate codes.

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Of course, our mobile printers are designed for long-term use even under detrimental conditions. We will gladly take care of any repairs or maintenance tasks if they become necessary anyway. Simply submit your device to us. We will perform your repair order cost-efficiently at our REINER® repair flat rate that will cover all costs, no matter the defect of your device. Our manufacturer service makes certain that only genuine parts are used for repairs.

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