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Why should I use zinc die-casting when there's also aluminium die-casting?

Ernst REINER ZinkDruckguss

The REINER® zinc die-casting method gives you the greatest design options with highest precision.

More still: our individual solutions are much more economically efficient in small and medium-sized series!

Design or no design
Our zinc die-casting specialists are happy when things get technically exciting. They love to cast extremely delicate, thin-walled and technically high-quality parts with dimensions of 400 x 600 mm, tool clamping area.

Powerful in the long run
We use hot-chamber die-casting machines with a clamping force of 5- 125 tons. We rely on tried and tested materials only: Z410 / GD-ZNAL4CU1.

Zinc die-casting is the optimal alternative for aluminium die-casting – in particular in delicate and geometrically highly complex parts.

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