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REINER® is ready to quickly deliver precision parts in the best of qualities!

REINER is ready to quickly deliver precision parts in the best of qualities!
REINER® precision technology is your competent production partner for bespoke precision parts made of a plethora of materials.

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REINER® precision technology is at home in the Black Forest, the high-tech region in Germany’s south. There in Furtwangen, our experts operate all the relevant production processes, from design to tool shop, from fine punching tools to moulds, in the areas of zinc die casting, injection moulding, metal injection moulding (MIM), fine cutting, and forming for our customers. We offer high-quality production technologies with cutting-edge machinery for custom precision parts, ensuring high-precision and innovative processing and machining of plastics and metals as a core competence. REINER® supplies its clients with bespoke precision parts on the highest quality levelMade in Germany.

Perfect coordination for precise parts

Potential customers will find best support even before they place their first order. A digital query form makes the initial contact fast, easy, and complete in just a few clicks. After you have accepted the quotation drawn up based on this early coordination, we will stay in close contact as we design the plans for any required moulds and devices to be produced in the REINER® tool shop. Highly qualified REINER employees warrant precise implementation of your specifications. The process ends with a number of quality management procedures to make sure that each and every precision part produced meets its stipulated quality features, true to the motto of REINER® precision technology: For best quality and reliability.

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