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REINER® presents: REINNOlab

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Have you heard of the REINNOlab? The new innovation laboratory from REINER®?
At the company headquarters in the middle of the Black Forest, a small energetic team is working on the topics of tomorrow: Innovation, digitization, sustainability, equality, Personalization and technology. The starting signal for the open innovation laboratory was given two years ago.

Since then, the young team has been concerned with developing new work processes in their team, designing the working environment, planning and implementing initial projects. Now the team is working on ideas, products, projects and new applications, completely detached from REINER®'s core business. The focus is on fast and agile methods that overcome silo thinking, generate new impulses and solve customer-centric problems.

The REINNOlab observes global trends, looks for everyday problems and networks with external idea generators, innovative start-ups, universities and corporate partners in the state. Since the starting gun, the team has been making new contacts and looks forward to building and expanding a valuable network every day.

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