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REINER® leaves its mark on the marking industry – quick-drying and without blurring!

REINER setzt Zeichen in der Kennzeichnungsbranche - schnelltrocknend und gestochen scharf!
Computer support is vital for production, distribution and logistics.

More and more companies are switching from labels to digital printing to avoid dependence on specific material surfaces or external circumstances.

REINER® marking devices solve the issue

REINER® strives to conquer the often-adversarial field of logistics by creating solution-oriented products. The REINER® marking systems, including the jetStamp® 1025 inkjet printer, produce marking that withstands even rough handling, for example on a pallet. They help keep the production chain running smoothly. No matter if the imprint contains a barcode, date, graphics or text, it must be long lived, smear proof and quick drying.

Not just a winner in logistics

The REINER jetStamp® 1025 also successfully optimises processes in the inbound goods area. Incoming delivery documents can be marked with a sequential barcode upon receipt, to be integrated directly into the company's workflow. This allows easy assignment to specific processes.
To live up to the flexibility that many companies advertise, the marking device is mobile and has diverse applications. It can be used right at the pallet as well.

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