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Industry 4.0Fast. Simple. Reliable.
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Industry 4.0Fast. Simple. Reliable.
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Industry 4.0 is also for small and medium sized enterprises:

Digital transformation with the mobile REINER® marking systems

Digital transformation is fully underway. In order not to fall behind on it, companies continually optimise their processes even further under the project term "Industry 4.0". Digitalisation 4.0 may also be mentioned. The goal is increasing automation and networking, and, of course, increasing efficiency in all areas. Small and medium sized enterprises can use the special features of industrial digitalisation for their own profit. Below, we can show you how the REINER® mobile inkjet printers can advance your company in its transformation to Industry 4.0. Optimise your processes with digital interfaces. Learn about the practical special features as compared to barcode label printers.

What does Industry 4.0 mean for SME?

label-less marking in the industry
The keyword "Industry 4.0" marks a highly topical and yet hard to define subject for many companies. The Internet of Things (IoT) is mentioned particularly often in this context. The "fourth industrial revolution" encompasses far more than only communicating machines. Generally, Industry 4.0 means comprehensive digitalisation in the industry, particularly expressed in modernisation of information and communication technology. It seeks to optimise value creation chains and improve their overall efficiency. The addition 4.0 reflects the digital transformation underway in other technical areas as well. Logistics 4.0 is only one example.

Small and medium sized enterprises are often confronted with practical issues in implementation, though they often also profit from the opportunities of digitalisation. Integration into existing processes, however, can be difficult. The mobile REINER® handheld inkjets are a flexible and cost efficient option for such companies to use the special features of digital transformation, without incurring any great investments. Marking without labels on nearly any surface makes it possible to write machine readable codes on all kinds of goods. These codes permit simple integration of products into digital goods management. The REINER® code printers also permit targeted optimisation of processes in every work step to smaller operations in industry and trade.
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REINER® product solutions

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Analogue becomes digital: how do REINER® handheld printers support companies in digitalisation?

To clear the way for Industry 4.0 in your company, the interface for effortless communication between the analogue and digital worlds needs to work perfectly. Digitalisation depends on a reliable supply of data. Computer based systems usually receive relevant information on analogue products based on digital interfaces in the form of printed on codes. They can be read and evaluated quickly and easily with a scanner. This way, processes can be improved and monitored in a vast variety of manners. Use code generators as an Excel add in to generate machine readable 1D or 2D codes from an Excel table. Additionally, part and batch numbers can be received directly and printed on, saving time and avoiding error sources. Vice versa, information can also be read with a barcode reader.

Würth Elektronik, for example, uses REINER® mobile inkjet printers for unambiguous goods marking in PCB production. The individual part layers are printed with a code before they are combined. Marking takes place using data matrix codes that are previously created in Excel. This permits transfer of relevant data to the machines and employees at any time. Additionally, this provides detailed documentation of the production process. Different code types are used in different application areas. The REINER jetStamp® models are characterised, among other things, by being able to print any common code format as required, which makes them a particularly efficient tool for professional product marking. No matter if you need a classic barcode, QR code, data matrix code, or serial number: REINER® handheld printers keep you flexible and prepared for the "Internet of Things".

How can printed on codes facilitate digital goods management by SAP barcode scanner integration?

QR Code creation in the industry
Many companies rely on integrated software solutions such as SAP for organisation and control of their goods management. These programs are vital for central data management in larger operations. They are the only way to preserve an overview of everyday business processes. Efficient combination of analogue processes with digital applications is an important challenge for such companies. Innovative solutions in product marking makes the transfer to "Logistics 4.0" easy in future. REINER® cooperated with Advanced Applications, a globally active SAP consultant, to develop an option for integrating its marking solutions in the SAP environment. Information from SAP can now be called up – among other things by scanning – and then output directly with a REINER® handheld printer as text or barcode. The corresponding software can be downloaded. Printing SAP barcodes simplifies your work with the program. You can profit from lower time and cost expenditures and lower error susceptibility, not only for the forms system. Small and medium sized enterprises in particular can stop limiting the high agility enabled by their comparatively practical size by using outdated logistics.
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How do barcode printers, QR code printers, and data matrix code printers without paper labels work?

Printing QR codes on films and plastics
Marking objects with labels is still the default way in many corporate areas, in spite of the great disadvantages labels bring. That product marking method's lack of flexibility is only one of them. The correct quantities of specific types of labels must be pre-produced and kept in stock at all times, which makes spontaneous changes to the marking style impossible. Having to print barcode labels first to accommodate a change of code needlessly wastes time. Labels are also not designed well enough to meet the high demands to reliability of permanent marking. Barcode labels, barcode stickers and the like can be rendered illegible by moisture, dirt or abrasion, or even come off entirely, with devastating consequences for identifiability and trackability of products. Apparently flexible solutions like QR code label printers are less than ideal options for the same reason.

The best solution for creating digital interfaces is digital direct print. The REINER jetStamp® models can print barcodes, QR codes, or data matrix codes, combining all the common code formats in a single device. Our quick drying MP3 ink reliably adheres to glass, cards, cardboard, wood, foils and plastic. Even printing on curved surfaces is possible, maximising flexibility in product marking. Make the most out of the opportunities digitalisation has to offer! Start using our handheld inkjet printers for Industry 4.0!

Can the mobile REINER® handheld inkjets be used in any working environment?

Hand printer Made in Germany
The transformation to Industry 4.0 affects many industries and specialisations. REINER® handheld inkjet printers were developed for the best flexibility and mobility. Therefore, they can be used for marking anywhere, no matter the industry or working environment. The robust printers are characterised by long battery lifetimes, low ink consumption, and protection against drying in of ink, which turns them into optimal barcode printers for Industry 4.0 processes. Start labelling right away after your handheld printer is delivered: Windows printer drivers and software, including a code generator, are enclosed.

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