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REINER® ensures optimal marking using mandatory and optional graphics and logos

REINER ensures optimal marking using mandatory and optional graphics and logos
Many of them are required by law. Some are welcome, creative variations of otherwise very neutral products. We encounter marking of all sorts every single day. They are found on cosmetics and packaging materials, on anything from wood to glass. There is hardly a limit to the industries where the REINER® marking devices find their use.
Best-before dates, information on origin, consistent icons, and test marks are some of the many different marking types found on goods. Differences between industries are vast. All of them are alike in their requirements to the imprint, however. It must be put on the product or packaging in high and permanent quality.

The EU regulation stipulates mandatory marking of meat and fish products with the identity mark. The mobile ink jet printers place it on the product easily, together with the SLED and the batch number, without ever switching devices.

The REINER® marking devices meet this task perfectly. The mobile jetStamp® 1025, jetStamp® graphic 970, and REINER® 940 inkjet printers, for example, make mobile, reliable printing of graphics the default.

Mobile, robust and efficient

Ink jet printers are perfect for small series and special items in particular. The long battery life makes mobile use right by the product easy for the robust and reliable device. The enclosed software PCset graphic makes it easy to create print images on a computer and transfer them to the respective device. Depending on the inkjet model, various imprint layouts can be stored right on the device and called up from there. REINER® guarantees optimal adhesion of the print on many different materials, from wood, to paper, glass and plastics, with its specially developed MP ink.

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