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From the forest to the living room: reliable wood marking in all areas

From the forest to the living room: reliable wood marking in all areas
Everyone who wants to make progress relies on REINER® marking technology for the marking of wood.


Because it pays off – in more ways than one.

IPPC and ispm-15? Of course!

No wooden pallet according to international standard without IPPC stamp, this is prescribed by law. In order to affix this marking easily and quickly, professionals prefer to take the direct route with our battery handheld inkjet printer: Hold the device in the specified position, print the IPPC imprint, done.

Confusion ruled out: Marking at each processing step

But not only wooden pallets can be marked with it. Even in logistics and sales, reliable and traceable routes of origin are no longer a bonus, but a firmly implemented standard.

With our portable handheld inkjet printer such as the jetStamp® 1025, the felled wood can be imprinted directly in the forest to prevent confusion and misunderstandings. This makes it very easy to affix barcodes, serial numbers or the felling date.
Our marking devices can be used flexibly in every production step and prevent the loss of glued-on labels.

Untouchable? The inkjet technology!

Wood products are usually marked with labels. However, depending on the storage location and temperature, but also due to other environmental influences, these may become detached or illegible. This annoying loss is offset by the practical possibility of affixing the required label directly to the wood.

This is made possible by the advanced inkjet technology used by REINER® marking devices. For the REINER® 940 and jetStamp® graphic 970 models, special UV ink is available, which guarantees traceability that is invisible to the human eye, but flawless.

In combination with the self-explanatory handling, this makes the REINER® mobile marking devices practical companions that professionals no longer want to live without in their daily work.

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