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Audit-proof archiving in self-service with the REINER® RS 980 integrated scanner module

Intelligent and robust document scanner for self-service terminals

With the progress of digitalisation in all areas of economy and life, devices were needed increasingly to reliably and quickly turn the present mountains of paper documents into bits and bytes. On this market, document scanners quickly became established as space-saving and effective tools that are usually designed as pull-in scanners or pull-through scanners. They became established quickly, in particular in industries with a lot of conventional form and contract management, where legal security still requires a manual signature on paper. In banks, insurances, libraries and energy supplier companies (EVU), document scanners form an indispensable interface to the paper-free office.

Office employees are able to digitise dozens or hundreds of papers per minute and convert them into files automatically today after a brief familiarisation period to get used to the features of a workplace or high-performance document scanner.
This is precisely what causes use of commercial document scanners to fail in the area of self service in a self-service terminal or kiosk system: the "client" or "citizen" is rarely capable and virtually never willing to deal with operating instructions in order to scan documents.

The REINER® development team worked with this basis, using its decades of experience in the area of self-service scanners. The REINER® engineers have acquired comprehensive know-how in the design of pull-in scanners that must record vouchers reliably in external use. Around the world, thousands of these REINER® cheque scanners are facing hard use in direct customer contact, every single day.
With the RS 980 integrated scanner module, REINER® consistently takes the next step – from the "cheque" format to "up to letter format". This way, virtually any paper document – also and specifically – in the self-service area can be sent through automated voucher recording.

How does a document scanner in self-service operation work at banks and insurances?

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In particular banks are forced to close down branches and increasingly withdraw from a comprehensive presence for reasons of cost-efficiency. The loss of direct customer contact and customer service is a severe dilemma in an industry that is still strongly characterised by application forms, change forms, contracts, etc.

The document scanner RS 980 not only forms the bridge from paper document to EDP of the bank, but in particular a service bridge from the bank to the customer. People are used to using ATMs in their area as self-service terminals for withdrawing and paying in money on a regular basis. Why shouldn't they also submit their signed forms by self-service and scan their own documents – at once, without mailing or paying postage, without queues or having to schedule an appointment, including plausibility and completeness checks?
The smart pull-in scanner RS 980 can receive paper documents as easily as a bank clerk. It performs its task patiently and reliably 24/7 - around the clock and on seven days of the week.

Why is digital archiving with the REINER® RS 980 so very reliable and smart?

The self-service scanner RS 980 is set to become everyone's new favourite colleague. It is a smart thinker that never loses its patience. The innovative pull-in scanner proves its robustness and error tolerance in self-service in the two decisive points of the man-machine interface: mechanics and logic.
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  • Animated, lit arrows instruct the user intuitively to supply the documents correctly when scanning.
  • Diagonally fed documents are aligned automatically.
  • Folding edges and creases are smoothed in the best manner for an optimal scanning result.
  • High-resolution colour cameras record the front and back at the same time in a single process.
  • The document scanner accepts completed forms, confirms input at once and returns the paper to the client or employee.
  • The scanner RS 980 recognises original purchasing contracts and certificates and keeps them.
  • Incomplete forms are identified as such and returned to the user at once to be completed.
  • The RS 980 scanner also accepts partial processes. If the process cannot be completed, it will keep such documents that are complete in themselves. The started process can be continued later. Double input is a thing of the past with this.
  • Thanks to the electronic stamp, the scanning result supplies an automated and audit-proof documentation.

What does audit-proof archiving mean for the scanning result of a document scanner?

The term "audit-proof archiving" refers to the verifiability of the procedure used for storing digital documents as a whole. The audit-proof features of the RS 980 start right after insertion of the document into the pull-in scanner, where access protection during scanning applies.
After scanning is complete, the file is applied with an electronic stamp. From the first working step, the multiformat scanner RS 980 supports the features of audit-proof archiving systems. Information is archived in a way that is retrievable, trackable, unchangeable and protected against falsification. Audit-proof archiving is an essential part of the compliance of information systems. The document scanner RS 980 is a seamless part of this.

What can a document scanner in a self-service terminal do for companies in industry, trade and logistics??

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The multiformat scanner RS 980 gladly and reliably takes care of the comprehensive and staff-intensive processing of paper documents in industry, transport and commerce. The universally usable document scanner sets new standards as a digitalisation solution on the path towards the paper-free office. It is not only tolerant towards hasty employees who crumple their documents or insert them inclined. In automated recording of, e.g., sales reports, delivery notes, invoices of freight documents, the scanner RS 980 is already taking over some initial controlling tasks in spite of its use in self-service, reviewing the documents for completeness or plausibility. Defects found are reported to the user at once and the document is output for correction again. This means an immense improvement of the data quality in the first step of digitalisation already. The self-service scanner RS 980 takes responsibility for the entire process of digital archiving when scanning documents already: reading – checking – filing.

How can EVU (power suppliers) scan paper documents more easily with the pull-in scanner RS 980?

Since the electricity market has been opened, the EVU have been facing a much higher fluctuation of customers, in particular private ones. Some private customers switch their providers virtually on an annual basis, producing a high administrative effort for digitalisation of the connected contract documents and reading cards. In tough competition, efficiency and speed of the work steps take a central position. The interface to the paper-free office is one important means for streamlining work processes. The scanner RS 980 fills it perfectly.

What advantages does digital archiving bring for the customer in the self-service area?

The advantages of self-service digitalisation are noticeable on both sides using the document scanner. The customer and provider both profit equally from use of the multiformat scanner RS 980 pull-in scanner at the self-service terminal.
The customer…
  • determines the time and location of document handover or form submission in self-service.
  • receives direct feedback concerning the completeness of his information – incomplete forms are returned.
  • receives confirmation of delivery.
  • profits from fee-less service.
The provider...
  • integrates the document scanner easily into existing systems and work flows.
  • saves costs with the automated process of document recording in self-service.
  • saves time due to removal of manual recording.
  • uses automatic ejection of incomplete forms and reduces the effort at new input.
  • achieves a better data quality by correct and complete documents, with correct data, transmitted to the correct recipients.
  • optimises its internal processes due to defined and continuous processing steps.

What types of paper documents can be scanned and archived with the integrated scanner module?

The RS 980 integrated scanner module does its work reliably for all types of paper documents that can be supplied individually up to letter size format. Its area of use comprises many interfaces where people are supposed to scan documents and transfer them to digital processing sequences. This not only applies to banks and insurance companies, but increasingly concerns the entire industry, trade and logistics.

The document scanner RS 980 is predestined for processing paper documents and scanning documents of all formats up to letter size:
  • bank documents, money transfers, crossed cheques, cheques in payment transactions
  • standardised contracts for energy supply companies (EVU) and authorities
  • freight documents and delivery notes in transport management
  • coupons, lotteries, product requests in trade
  • bookings, registration slips in tourism and the hotel industry
  • records, personal documents, ballots, etc.

What makes the REINER® RS 980 pull-in scanner particularly great for use in self-service terminals used for "digitising documents"?

REINER RS 980 - Produktabbildung: RS 980, für Einzeldokumente, Einbauscanner
Developers and constructors of self-service terminal systems value the document scanner RS 980 for its modular system, variable installation options, the three available deposit positions and simple maintenance. The compact scanning system ensures individual solutions for the desired application. It is made up of a mouth piece, scanner and shift. The entire document track can be folded open and therefore offers comfortable, direct and complete access to the scanning and transport route. The self-service scanner RS 980 pulls in documents completely before they are scanned, which permits secure processing that is safe against influences. Automated size recognition and inclination correction will check the documents and ensure accurately aligned, precise reproduction of all image sizes, even in bilateral print.