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Preventing product piracy by trackingFast. Simple. Reliable.
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Preventing product piracy by trackingFast. Simple. Reliable.
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Preventing product piracy by tracking – with the REINER® marking devices

Counterfeits of its own products suddenly appearing on the market are a potential issue that every company should be prepared for. Product piracy happens in many industries. Manufacturers of clothes, watches, medicine and cosmetics are particularly often affected.
Even spare parts for cars and aeroplanes can be counterfeited. The World Customs Organization WCO estimates the annual damage from this in the range of about 512 billion dollars. The damage caused in Germany alone amounts to 54 billion euros. One out of ten companies has already been harmed by counterfeit products. While most of them come from China, innumerable products are counterfeited in many other countries, including Germany, every year as well.

Steps against product piracy and counterfeit branded goods
Sufficient protection from counterfeit products and brands therefore should always take the utmost priority. While it is hardly possible to entirely prevent copying of one's own products, there are some measures that will make the counterfeiters' work harder, even to the point where counterfeiting is no longer economic. Tracking the genuine products with a machine-readable code is one way to protect against counterfeiting. The often-elaborate marking of product packaging for this purpose comes with an obvious issue. Since counterfeit products may be sold in genuine packaging, the mark should be applied to the product itself if at all possible.
REINER® marking devices are characterised by their mobility and the ability to print directly on nearly any surface. The handheld inkjet printers therefore are a flexible and easy option for direct product marking. This tracking option clearly improves the protection of your goods against counterfeiting.

Brand counterfeiting: Why is plagiarism so dangerous?

seamless tracking of branded items back to the source
Counterfeiting products isn't a trivial offence. Counterfeiters often are unscrupulous and produce counterfeit products that may be harmful or dangerous to the end consumer. Additives in cosmetics or changed recipes of medicines are two typical examples for this. A counterfeit medicine will directly threaten the consumer's life and health. Car and aeroplane spare parts are also frequently copied in the scope of brand counterfeiting. Safety-relevant counterfeit products, such as brake linings, may be made of materials that can barely be distinguished from the original, but are unsuitable for their purpose.
Products from the so-called "third shift" also pose a risk in counterfeiting of branded products. These are goods made by local overproduction without the client's knowledge. While virtually originals, they are not subject to quality control. The end consumer has no way to distinguish between the original and the counterfeit product in this case. Consistent steps against counterfeiting are vital, not only from an economic point of view, but also to protect the consumers.
REINER®'s industrial marking systems permit seamless tracking of branded items back to the source. The additional risks posed by imitations are minimised this way. Where at all possible, the mark should be placed right on the goods, which clearly improves protection from plagiarism and consumer protection. The mobile REINER® handheld printers are optimal for rendering products counterfeit-proof. They print reliably on glass, cardboard, wood, foils and even on curved surfaces. The special REINER® ink dries quickly and is smear-resistant at once, permitting flexible marking under any circumstances.
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Brand piracy: are SME affected as well?

Packaging foil tamper proof labeling
Product counterfeiting is not limited to large enterprises. Medium-sized companies are also targeted by product and brand piracy. Such businesses often specialise in a precisely circumscribed area, where they enjoy an outstanding reputation for their products' quality. Genuine manufacturers may suffer severe economic and reputation damage if cheap imitations enter the market. Counterfeits are usually outwardly identical with the originals, concealing the difference until the counterfeit product is used or taken into operation. Purchaser will, of course, assume that they bought a branded product from the original manufacturer, who will eventually suffer the reputational damage.
Smaller companies in particular often find themselves out of their depth when counterfeits appear on the market. Since the protection of intellectual property and prosecution of counterfeiters is an expensive and elaborate process, not even one out of ten SME will try to defend itself against product pirates. REINER® and its mobile handheld printers offer an option for cost-efficient and uncomplicated counterfeit-proofing to such companies in particular. Print barcodes, QR-codes and data matrix codes right to your products for seamless trackability that will make it harder for counterfeiters to sell their copies.

Tracking: How does digital direct printing render goods counterfeit-proof?

Counterfeit branded goods often are made in a highly professional manner. They can be indistinguishable from the original, or nearly so. In light of this, it is all the more important to take measures for preventive product protection before it is too late.
Goods marking with a machine-readable code is a simple, cost-efficient and effective method. The REINER® mobile inkjet printers can mark the packaging, but also the products, to render them counterfeit-proof. Various machine-readable codes are printed on directly to reliably and securely distinguish the original from the product pirate's counterfeit unit. Genuine products can be identified quickly and easily by scanning. The code is reconciled with a database and verified in real time. Printing of any common code format, sequential numbers and even graphics becomes a walk in the park when the image can be created on the PC and sent to the handheld printer by Bluetooth.
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Unobtrusive protection from plagiarism: make product piracy harder with invisible UV ink

Imprints in UV ink
Since ugly codes may be prohibitive in particular for markings applied directly to the product, the mobile REINER® printers can also apply a permanently invisible marking. Imprints in UV ink, which is also known as black-light ink, are invisible in normal daylight. The print image will only become legible under a special UV lamp, permitting effective protection from product piracy without any impairment to the product appearance.

Mobile use: Can the REINER® JetStamp models be used reliably everywhere?

As a flexible marking solution, also in the area of preventive product protection, the REINER® handheld printers are characteristic by their reliability in any working environment. Their design and development has always focused on simple and mobile use. Economical ink consumption and a long battery lives ensure that the printer is ready for use at any time. The special REINER® MP ink will adhere to nearly any surface. It is smear resistant right after application. Longer working breaks are no problem at all for the robust REINER jetStamp® models. The special protection mechanism over the printing head prevents the ink from drying up. Windows printer drivers and the necessary software, including the code generator, are enclosed by default. Product marking can commence immediately. Connection between the printer and PC can be established easily via a network or USB interface, or by Bluetooth. The mobile REINER® handheld inkjets are the optimal solution for product protection, in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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