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Positioning aid - New accessories for jetStamp® 990

Positionierhilfe mobiler Drucker
More convenience and more possibilities: REINER® is expanding its range of accessories for the jetStamp® 990 mobile inkjet printer with a positioning aid. This facilitates printing on curved and sensitive surfaces.

REINER®'s mobile marking devices have been impressing users for many years. Due to its compactness, the jetStamp 990 is one of the most popular models of inkjet printers. As the smallest marking device, it stands for enormous mobility and outstanding print quality.

The new positioning aid now makes it particularly easy to produce precise print images on curved and sensitive surfaces. To do this, the positioning aid is pushed onto the device and the printing process can begin - flexible and mobile.
The object to be printed is additionally protected during the printing process thanks to an integrated foam. This means that even fragile objects, such as glass ampoules, can be safely marked.

Among other things, the positioning aid is ideal for consistent printing on round objects, such as the lids or bottoms of bottles, jars or Petri dishes. It is also ideal for printing along the apex on curved objects such as tubes, bar stock, cylindrical packaging or cables.

Small, handy and precise impression images - the positioning aid proves to be the ideal accessory.

All information about the positioning aid for the jetStamp® 990 can be found here