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Mobile body temperature measurement in successful use

Mobile body temperature measurement in successful use
REINER® also offers adequate solutions in times of corona pandemic. These include, for example, mobile temperature measurement and its traceable documentation.

Only a few weeks ago REINER® presented attractive solutions for mobile measurement and documentation of body temperature with systems around the jetStamp® 1025, jetStamp® 1025s and jetStamp® 1025sTNow the innovation could prove itself in action at the Banzai Cup.
At the Banzai Cup 2020 from September 12th to 13th in Berlin, one of the largest German karate tournaments with 750 participants, the technology was used - and convinced in all areas.
Beginning with the handling, the acquisition steps and the final gain of time at the entrance, the organizer was highly satisfied. About 100 persons could be registered within 45 minutes.

With its systems REINER® offers various solutions for mobile temperature measurements and their documentation. The basic model jetStamp® 1025 can be connected to many surface temperature measuring devices via Bluetooth or USB. jetStamp® 1025s and jetStamp® 1025sT even work without external measuring devices. The jetStamp® 1025s has a special sensor socket that allows a thermometer to be connected directly to the device. With the jetStamp® 1025sT not even this is necessary - a thermometer is already integrated in the printer.

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