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Mobile documentation of body temperature at the admission control

Measure surface temperature and print values directly!

Flexible: What makes the REINER jetStamp®1025 the ideal supplement for non-contact temperature measurement devices?

non-contact temperature measurement and documentation
Infrared temperature sensors are extremely practical if you do not want direct contact between the device and the object or person being measured. These devices are of particular importance in today's world, which is characterized by the highest standards of hygiene and the best possible prevention of infection. Measuring the body temperature of visitors to public facilities is a useful way of reducing the risk of infection in large crowds of people. The advantages of non-contact temperature measurement are obvious. The temperature scanners are not only hygienic, but also extremely flexible in handling.

With the REINER jetStamp®1025 you are just as flexible in the documentation of the measured values. The compact hand printer is especially designed for mobility and therefore ready for use anytime and anywhere. Via Bluetooth or USB you can easily establish a connection with many surface temperature measuring devices. You can then forward all measured values directly as a print job.

The REINER jetStamp®1025 is ideal for the documentation of body temperature controls. After you have measured the temperature without contact, you can print the measured value, if necessary extended by values such as date and time, directly on the respective documents. The hand printer is also convincing in the application in industrial temperature monitoring. Depending on the individual application, the REINER jetStamp®1025 also takes over data like geo-coordinates and air pressure into the print job. Print quickly and easily always exactly the values you need at the moment.

Measure and document temperature without external devices

The models jetStamp®1025s and jetStamp®1025sT offer you maximum freedom and flexibility in temperature documentation. These models even work without external measuring devices. The jetStamp®1025s has a special sensor socket that allows a thermometer to be connected directly to the device. With the jetStamp®1025sT not even this is necessary - a thermometer is already integrated in the printer. Thus we offer you the optimal solution for every requirement.
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Take body temperature: Why is reliable documentation indispensable right now?

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The current situation demands a lot from all of us. The owners of public institutions and event organisers bear a special responsibility. They would like to continue their business operations as best they can. The strict hygiene regulations require flexible and cost-effective solutions in order to minimise the risk of infection and ultimately to be legally secure.

The identification of sick persons plays a decisive role. By ensuring that only people without elevated temperature are allowed access, infection can be effectively prevented. With the contact-free fever measurement of all visitors, an important step has already been taken. The safe and accurate documentation of the corresponding values is of course essential.

With the REINER jetStamp®1025 you print your measurement data reliably on documents and other surfaces under all conditions. Where you have to deal with crowds of people, rarely everything runs exactly according to plan. No problem for the mobile hand printer "Made in Germany": As a user, you are not only mobile, but also able to change print jobs quickly and easily at will. You can, for example, provide boarding passes, entry documents, guest or chip cards, checklists and case files with all relevant and required data without any fuss.

Uncomplicated and fast: Who benefits from mobile printing of body temperature values?

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All REINER® hand printers are characterized by their versatility and intuitive handling. When it comes to measuring and documenting body temperature, the following users benefit from these features, for example:

Many companies would like to keep short-time working in their operations to a minimum and continue business as normal. It goes without saying that the health of the employees must be guaranteed.
The fever measurement by employers helps to achieve this. Use contactless body temperature machines to check employees' health regularly. To keep track of the measured data, you should document them immediately. The REINER jetStamp®1025 can be operated easily and intuitively by every employee. Without extensive training it cuts a fine figure when documenting body temperature from the first day on.

Airports are characterised in every respect by the highest security standards. However, the current situation also presents them with new challenges. Here too, it may be advisable to measure body temperature. With contactless temperature scanners at airports, sick passengers can be quickly identified. Whether or not a passenger represents a risk to fellow passengers and is allowed to board or not must then be quickly and clearly identified.
The REINER jetStamp®1025 makes exactly this possible. A note printed directly on the flight ticket eliminates ambiguities. If necessary, this can be supplemented by time, controlling employee, location and many other data. Measuring fever at the airport becomes particularly simple and safe.

Hotel industry
As an operator, you want to avoid a media-effective source of infection in your own hotel. As a hotel owner you should therefore take sufficient preventive measures. Using fever scanners to measure body temperature without contact is a quick and unobtrusive way to identify sick and healthy guests. With the help of the REINER jetStamp®1025, the guest cards of healthy visitors can be marked directly with an appropriate note.

Health authorities
When working in the field, the staff of the public health department depend on flexible and reliable equipment. Body temperature scanners in combination with the REINER jetStamp®1025 are the optimal solution when it comes to collecting temperature data in an efficient and reliable way. You are also optimally prepared for large scale operations, where many people have to be checked for excessive body temperature in a short time.

It is a matter of concern to organizers and visitors that cultural offers are restricted as little as possible in the current situation. Nevertheless, strict hygiene regulations must be observed here as well. Once again, the use of mobile temperature scanners for measuring fever is a good idea. Whether concert hall or nightclub: By ensuring that the body temperature of all visitors is within the normal range, all participants can enjoy the programme equally carefree. Documenting the measured values with the REINER jetStamp®1025 complements this procedure with its intuitive use, reliability and adaptability.

Temperature monitoring: How does the REINER jetStamp®1025 optimize temperature measurements in industry and trade?

Print REINER temperature measurement
Reliable and economical solutions for temperature monitoring are required in numerous industries. The use of infrared thermometers is uncomplicated and time-saving.
The REINER jetStamp®1025 is also the ideal supplement for non-contact temperature measurement in industry and trade for fast and individual documentation of measurement results.
You will benefit from the combination of temperature scanner and REINER® hand printer in the following areas, among others:

Cooling Chains
Many foods, but also medical and chemical products, must be constantly cooled between production and consumption. Maintaining the temperature of the cold chain plays an important role, especially during transport and storage of the goods. With the help of infrared thermometers, temperature monitoring is particularly uncomplicated. The REINER jetStamp®1025 converts the measured value, if necessary together with various other relevant data, directly into a print job. Appropriate markings can be applied directly to the product, packaging or corresponding documents.

Steel and plastic production
The quality requirements of customers are constantly increasing, especially in the automotive industry. Manufacturers are faced with the challenge of meeting these high expectations through optimized processes and manufacturing methods. Temperature plays a key role in many process plays a major role, for example in extrusion. Contactless the Measuring surface temperature has therefore long been standard practice in many areas. The REINER jetStamp®1025 optimizes this procedure by making the documentation of measured values more flexible and easier than ever.

Glass production
Particularly in the production of glass, it is important to know the exact temperature of the materials at every step of the process. With infrared temperature sensors, the surface temperature can be measured quickly and reliably. The REINER jetStamp®1025 then allows immediate documentation of the results - individually and integrable into any process.

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Good to know: How does contactless temperature measurement actually work?

The REINER jetStamp®1025 is fully flexible in every respect, including compatibility with various external surface temperature measuring devices. It is only necessary to differentiate between devices that are operated with "Windows Mobile" and those that use other operating systems. With the former, the REINER® handheld printer can be connected directly.
The latter require an intermediate device as an "intermediary" between thermometer and printer, which, however, hardly entails any restrictions in handling.

Individual: Connection with and without cable possible
The REINER jetStamp®1025 has both Bluetooth support and a USB port. Depending on which type of device you use for contactless temperature measurement, either a wireless connection or a universal connection via USB is possible. This ensures full compatibility and the mobile printer is immediately ready for use. The model jetStamp®1025s also has a sensor socket that allows you to connect a thermometer directly. The jetStamp®1025sT even has a thermometer permanently installed.

Good to know: How does contactless temperature measurement actually work?

Modern thermometers make it possible: contactless temperature measurement. The advantages of this measuring method are obvious, but how exactly does it actually work?
Normally, non-contact temperature measurement requires the measuring device to be held at a small distance from the object to be measured. Within fractions of a second, temperatures in a range from -50 to +4,000 degrees Celsius can be measured1. The basis for measuring the surface temperature is the optical evaluation of the infrared radiation emitted by the object to be measured. The radiation with a wavelength between 780 nm and 1 mm is focused on a detector by means of an optical system. This detector translates the radiation into an electrical signal, which is then output as a temperature unit.
There are various synonyms for infrared thermometers, but they all mean the same thing. They are also called pyrometers, radiation thermometers, IR thermometers and laser thermometers2.

Made in Germany: Which characteristics make REINER® hand printers particularly reliable?

Marking - Made in Germany
Like all REINER® hand printers, the jetStamp®1025 was developed with mobility and flexibility in mind. Regardless of industry and working environment, it is the ideal tool for marking and printing not only on paper but also on numerous other materials. The high-quality hand printers are not only robust, but also have a long battery life and low ink consumption. Thus, REINER® printers never let their users down, even under demanding conditions. Protection against drying ink guarantees that the mobile inkjets are ready for immediate use even after long breaks.

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