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Marking pipes, wires and cables? A round thing with REINER® marking equipment

Marking pipes, wires and cables? A round thing with REINER marking equipment
Bent and often small surfaces and the need for clean, permanent marking - the marking of pipes, wires and cables is a challenge.

Mobile inkjet printers from REINER® successfully take on this challenge.
The marking of pipes, wires and cables serves to meet a wide range of requirements. In many fields of application, legal regulations generally require it in order to guarantee safety. In addition, marking ensures traceable pipe systems and proper, effective and structured work during maintenance or repair. But how can cables and wires that are notoriously difficult to mark be labeled successfully and in high quality? Labels or identification plates are inflexible, expensive and can be easily damaged. But mobile inkjet printers from Furtwangen-based labeling specialist REINER® are different. These are optimized for marking cables, pipes and wires.

Flexible application, individual print images, robust design

REINER® marking equipment simplifies the marking processes sustainably. The device family offers a suitable model for almost every application area around cables, wires and pipes. For example, the jetStamp® 990 prints on almost all flat and uneven surfaces. Serial numbers, date or text modules can be printed on one or two lines even on narrow cables and wires. The robust jetStamp® 1025, on the other hand, was developed to print large area graphics, 1D & 2D codes. Print heights of up to 25 mm (corresponds to 1") are possible. At the same time it is handy and especially ergonomic thanks to multiple release.

Further advantages of REINER® inkjet printers: Economical inks for different colored surfaces, long battery life and protection against drying up.

Wire, pipe and cable marking becomes a round thing with REINER®.

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