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Hands free! Marking by foot release

Hands free! Marking by foot release
The jetStamp® family of the marking specialist REINER® is usually operated by hand. But the hands are not always free.

The remedy is now the new foot switch für the jetStamp® models 1025 and 990.
Footers are familiar from a wide variety of applications, whether they are used to operate a sewing machine or to move machines into position. The advantage: The hands remain free for other, parallel tasks. REINER® is now also taking advantage of this principle. With the foot switch for the jetStamp® models 1025 and 990  the print can now be removed by foot. The external output is ideal for work processes where marking by hand is not possible or the hands should be otherwise involved in the work process. The foot switch with measurements of approx. 200x100x45 mm can be easily integrated into desk or workstation solutions in which the respective marking device is mounted in a fixture. Thanks to a nearly 1.5 m long connection cable, there is enough space to make the workplace employee-friendly and comfortable.

The jetStamp® family - The right device for almost every requirement.

The handy marking devices from REINER® are characterized by their versatility and their long service life. Portable and flexible, the inkjet printers can be integrated at any point in the production chain. The ideal field of application for the REINER® marking devices of the jetStamp® family is the reliable marking of small to medium-sized batches. The printed images are individual, unmistakable, smudge-proof and allow traceability as well as the monitoring of series production. Detailed and smudge-proof marking is achieved with high-quality, specially developed inks.
Marking with REINER® – With hand and foot; to the perfect result.

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