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ONE DEVICE… THREE work steps

Scanning, converting, and printing!

mobiler Barcodeleser - scannen, umwandeln, drucken
REINER® expands the application options for the mobile jetStamp® 1025 sense marking device. The merger of several devices in the optional barcode reader replaces the PC, barcode reader, and printer with the jetStamp® 1025 sense and its new accessories for reading, generating, and printing barcodes/QR codes.

The “ONE-device-solution” was developed as the perfect solution for saving work steps, avoiding error sources, and optimising processes.

The REINER® marking devices offer various variable print fields such as date, time, or numbering machine by default. The jetStamp® sense device with integrated barcode reader has once again expanded the variable print fields that can be used as placeholders in order to read the information from any barcode or data matrix code. The content is transferred from the placeholder field and will be available for printing at once in the print field as a “different” barcode, data matrix code, or “in plain text”.

The barcode or data matrix code is scanned
  • its content is processed at once and directly in the jetStamp® 1025 sense
    • the new pre-set imprint is printed directly
In practice, the user will design one imprint, e.g. with the date, time, company logo, placing the barcode or matrix code usually used in their company as a placeholder field. The jetStamp® 1025 sense is then ready for use. The content of each scanned barcode/matrix code is now transferred accordingly before the imprint – simple and on the push of a button.

Ensuring enormous time savings and process safety

Once the various imprint presettings have been transferred to the jetStamp® 1025 sense, the operator can switch between various imprints via the device display. The scan function and variable placeholder field allows users to design many different activities even more flexibly.

No matter where in the company the pending work is to be performed – only one mobile device is necessary. No matter what needs to be printed – simply select the matching imprint via the display. No matter what kind of barcode/matrix code you can find – the preset placeholder field preserves your flexibility at all times. More than 20 common 1D-2D codes can be read out securely with the barcode reader.

Process optimisation – not only in intralogistics

Be it industry, public administration, or logistics: the handy REINER® marking devices stand out with their diverse usage options and long service lives. The new accessories are outstandingly suitable, among other things for the area of intralogistics that deals with organisation and control of material flows within a company. In order to achieve smooth and efficient interaction, information must be secured for actors involved in the process and at the interfaces along the goods flow.

The jetStamp® 1025 sense with barcode reader can support the diverse processes and increase their efficiency, e.g. when repacking packaging units into sales units or where statutory label supplements are required (language/contents), for supplementary part labelling in plain text on route cards, additional goods carrier labels, or direct printing to replace labels that have come loose.

ONE DEVICE … THREE Work Steps– Multiple Pay-Out.