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Application clip: jetStamp® graphic 970 – a successful customer solution

Application clip: jetStamp graphic 970 – a successful customer solution
Quick and simple marking of documents in logistics

The mobile marking unit jetStamp® graphic 970 offers the option of optimising work processes in incoming goods.
Using the practical handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® graphic 970 makes it possible to print consecutive 1D barcodes on all pages of the delivery documents at the gate already when goods are delivered. Subsequently, the documents will be scanned to make them available as digital delivery documents at the same time for incoming goods via the workflow system. The printed barcode is assigned to an inbound goods number and a process and is now also part of the ERP system.

In the application clip, scanning is performed by the supplier directly. Integration of the REINER® SB scanner RS980 into a self-service terminal, here using the example of the DocScanBox from Pyramid, enables the forwarder to easily and safely scan the documents independently at the self-service terminal.
The data are automatically submitted to incoming goods and archived after scanning.

With the integrated scanner RS 980 and the handheld marking unit jetStamp® graphic 970, REINER® developed two independent system components that offer an unprecedented application solution for time optimisation in logistics.
Manual sorting is a thing of the past. Documents are linked quickly and easily. Done.

Learn more about the perfect solution for your logistics in a brief clip!

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