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Individual labelling of food products with the mobile REINER® marking systems

The foodstuffs industry is deemed a particularly sensitive one. Consumers highly value detailed ingredients, origin and nutritional value information on the foods they plan to eat. While the marking obligations for foods from mass production isn't an issue at all, the high demands to food marking may be rather difficult to meet for small producers and newly founded start-ups. Usually, such manufacturers mark their products with labels. This brings about a number of disadvantages, such as lack of flexibility and the risk of markings coming off.

The mobile REINER® handheld printers offer a simple and efficient solution for product marking to manufacturers of small batches in the food and beverage areas. Learn more about the special challenges of marking in this area below, and find out how REINER® can support you in reliably marking your products.
Printing directly on products

Fresh articles: How can small producers mark their products easily?

The industry is experiencing a clear trend. More and more people prefer regional organic products, with their clear benefits for consumers and nature, to bulk goods from the supermarket. Dealers in products of regional origin often work with relatively low quantities, however. Marking of their packaging can become quite the elaborate affair as a result, since customised labelling of the individual packaging units is often necessary. Dynamic information, such as the best-before date and the use-by date, may differ from product to product.
Though many small producers rely on labels for product markings on food packaging units, these are difficult to handle and inflexible in production. Labels of a certain type may run out at the worst moment, or new ones need to be printed first. The REINER® marking systems offer a more flexible solution. The mobile REINER® handheld inkjets print directly on your packaging, entirely dispensing with labels. The properties of the packaging material are irrelevant for this. The quick-drying ink adheres reliably to nearly any surface. The marking of food packaging, but also of any other products, turns into an easy and quick process once the serial number, manufacturer's information, use-by date and other data can be adjusted at any time.
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REINER® product solutions

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Food marking: How does flexible marking for organic and farm shops work?

Packaging labelling
The range sold in health-food shops is characterised in particular by the freshness of the offered foods. Regional and seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as eggs, milk and flour, are just a few examples of the natural products offered here. Such shops often specialise in a specific product range. Dairies and butchers, for example, can offer a high-quality choice of regional specialities. Homemade jam, honey, vinegar and oil are also among the health-food shop best-sellers. Customers are gladly willing to accept a higher price for the goods offered there than they would pay in the supermarket. The only way to get goods from even closer to the source is buying from farm shops, which often sell the food produced right on site. They are the best place to support regional provides.

Once again, the issue with packing food and beverages is that the often-small sales quantities must be labelled individually by hand. The marking of glass containers poses a special challenge. Labels are tedious and barely efficient. Direct printing on the packing with REINER® handheld inkjet printers is a good option for health-food and farm shops. No matter the packaging material, the desired information and graphics are simply printed on, even if the containers are glass or plastic bottles. This makes permanent marking of food products easy and reliable.

Labelling very small quantities: Why are REINER® marking systems outstanding options for food start-ups?

Start-ups are revolutionising many industries today. Students with their new and innovative ideas compete with large, traditional companies in spite of working on a scant budget. In addition to the IT-industry, the food sector also has many new products to show that are being developed and marketed by young start-ups. In spite of the great diversity of these food start-ups, the basic idea remains the same all around. Their goods must come in environmentally compatible and extravagant packaging.

Though product development often commences under very humble conditions, e.g. in the kitchen of a shared flat or in a garage, even the very first test specimen must be packed and marked as specified. REINER® marking technology is particularly suitable for small quantities. Packaging units can be marked quickly and easily without having to print separate labels. Start-ups particularly profit from the great flexibility of our high quality mobile inkjet printers. They facilitate implementation of new ideas even if they require a new marking on the packaging.

The REINER® handheld inkjet printers are outstanding devices for use in the food area:
  • Soup and spice start-ups
  • Organic coffee and tea start-ups
  • Start-ups for meat and dairy product alternatives
  • Healthy foods start-ups
  • Start-ups for food deliveries to the home
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Mandatory food marking information: Are the mobile REINER® handheld printers suitable for comprehensive food marking?

Data transfer from Excel, ERP, Word, label software to jetStamp 1025, 1025sense
CE marking is one of the most important marking types for products sold within the EU. Products marked accordingly comply with all directives applicable in the EU concerning quality, health and safety of goods. Many products must only be traded in the EU if the CE marking documents their compliance. Reliable application of marking is accordingly vital for vendors on the international markets.

Some types of foods and beverages need to be marked with identification and special health marks as well. These EC marks for food from operations subject to licensing requirements reflect where a product was last processed. The Food Information Regulation (Lebensmittelinformationsverordnung) applicable in Germany (formerly the Food Marking Regulation (Lebensmittelkennzeichnungsverordnung)) also requires various further bits of information on food and beverage packaging, including the ingredient list, best-before date and quantity contained.

The REINER jetStamp® models are just perfect for CE-marking of foods, marking with the EC mark or other marks. The handheld printer apply simple and clean packaging marks, no matter the packaging material. Marking of bottles and other packaging materials becomes easy and time-saving, leaving you with more time to focus on your core business.

Are REINER® marking techniques suitable for any workplace?

The mobile REINER® handheld Inkjets have been developed specifically for product marking of smaller batch sizes. Since such products are usually not mass-produced, and can be subject to vast variety of different working conditions, small producers of all kinds value high flexibility, also in terms of marking of packaging units. REINER® specifically offers fitting marking technology solutions to such producers and dealers with its industrial marking systems. The quick-drying REINER® ink MP3 adheres reliably to cardboard, wood, glass, even if the surfaces are curved. Labels for foods with all the issues related to them are a thing of the past.
Our high quality printers are characterised by long battery lives, economic use of ink and a robust design. They can be used reliably and in virtually any working environment. The special protection mechanism on the printing head keeps the ink from drying out during longer work breaks. REINER® supplies Windows printer drivers and software with a code generator by default, enabling you to start industrial marking of your products right away. Network and USB interfaces permit easy digital documentation of all processes.

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